mint-Stained Shirt
薄荷衬衣 by 初禾

When he was young, Xiao Yu'an wore a white shirt and rescued a child from a tree.

The child's hands were sticky with sugar water from the melted peppermint popsicle he’d been eating, and he left a five-fingered imprint on the front of Xiao Yu'an's shirt.

"This is a stamp," the child declared. "It means you're my gege now."

When he was young, Ming Shu had to climb up and up and up in a tall tree in order to see the gege in the neighbors' yard.

He wanted to quickly grow big and tall, so he wouldn't need to climb any more trees. So he would be able to turn around, at any time, and see the gege from the Xiao family.

"You don't need to wait for me," he said. "Let me chase you. Let me make you my guiding light."


sequel: madness of the heart

Translator's Note: Mint-Stained Shirt is chronologically the 'prequel', but it was written after Madness of the Heart.

The translator's personal, subjective reading order suggestion is — first arc of Madness (40 chapters), then Mint-Stained Shirt, then back to Madness.

However! Please be warned that Madness of the Heart is a much more graphic/mature novel; it's a detective novel which deals with murder mysteries.

Madness of the Heart and Mint-Stained Shirt are perfectly capable of being read as standalone novels. You do not need to read one to enjoy the other!


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