Chapter 86 [EXPLICIT]

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Late that night.

Shen Qiao got on his alt account on the Korean server and randomly used Kai'Sa to play a match as the top laner. Afterwards, he stared at his own battle record with a deeply thoughtful expression.

Lu Zhe, sitting next to him, just so happened to finish a game of his own at that moment. He casually closed the notification that named him as the MVP of the match, then looked over to check out Shen Qiao's game results. When he glanced over…

He saw a bright declaration on the screen, showing Shen Qiao's stats.


Eight kills, eleven deaths.

If some other professional player had gotten those results in an official match, they would have been cursed into an early grave so long ago that their graves would be covered by three-inch grass.

Lu Zhe checked the champion, and—oh, it was Kai'Sa. That was alright, then.

Lu Zhe couldn't help but breathe a laugh, and Shen Qiao came back to his senses just in time to catch him. A look of irritation flashed across Shen Qiao's face.

Then, like nothing was out of the ordinary at all, Shen Qiao remarked, "Kai'Sa seems to be a little fragile in the early stages of the game."

Lu Zhe corrected, "Not a little fragile. Very fragile."

If the Kai'Sa player's jungler didn't frequently visit the top lane to help, the enemy jungler would definitely take advantage of the opportunity to gank Kai'Sa over and over again.

"But Kai'Sa can become stronger in the later stages. Her damage is pretty good," Shen Qiao continued, as though continuing a level-headed evaluation.

Lu Zhe hummed his agreement. He lifted a hand and lightly tousled Shen Qiao's hair, then helped him take off his headset. "Alright, it's three in the morning. Stop internally feuding with champions you aren't familiar with. Queue with me tomorrow, I'll help you gank."

Shen Qiao petulantly stared at the 8-11 on his screen for a while longer, like he felt this was the greatest shame of his life. He practically looked like he wanted to print out those results and plaster them to the walls of his bedroom, so that he would always remember his own failure.


On their way back, Shen Qiao's mind was full of that disastrous match he'd played with Kai'Sa. He couldn't stop regretting all his mistakes. In the end, he was so distracted that he didn't even realize Lu Zhe had followed him into his own room.

When the door gently fell shut, the scent of cedarwood gradually deepened in the room.

The only light in the room was a ceiling lamp that splashed an orange glow across the room, illuminating the occupants with a sort of ambiguous lighting that seemed to foretell what was to come.

Shen Qiao came back to his senses. He gave Lu Zhe a puzzled look.

Lu Zhe raised his eyebrows, flashing Shen Qiao a calm smile. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

Shen Qiao was silent.

His throat bobbed for no apparent reason.

He did suddenly remember the three humiliating, consecutive losses he'd taken in the fan tournament earlier that day.

Hadn't he fallen a little too far today?

But real alphas always faced the harshness of reality head-on. They didn't want to seem like a useless worm, squirming on the hook. Shen Qiao instantly jutted out his chin and marched up to Lu Zhe, grabbing the collar of his shirt and yanking him in for a fierce kiss.

His hazy, slightly arrogant voice, tinged with a hidden smile, passed between their lips—

"Come on, then."

How could Lu Zhe ignore the prey that had personally leapt into his arms? He instantly battled with Shen Qiao for dominance. Their breathing intertwined as they kissed, and the typically mild scents of mint and cedarwood flared up, shredding all notions of peace and quiet in that room.

Their most innate alpha instincts woke up. They scrabbled at each other with their teeth and nails, both trying to conquer the other.

They kissed and kissed, until they fell into bed together.

When Shen Qiao's back hit the sheets, he suddenly came back to his senses a little. Just as he started thinking about trying to flip Lu Zhe over, Lu Zhe seemed to sense his intentions. He grabbed hold of Shen Qiao's hands and pressed them down with some force. Lu Zhe's expression remained perfectly calm and innocent, like he couldn't guess at Shen Qiao's inner plans at all.

Shen Qiao paused for a moment. And in that moment of pause, his pheromones also stopped spilling out so aggressively. Lu Zhe seized that opportunity to let his own cedarwood pheromones billow out through the room, filling it up from floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Under that thick shroud of cedarwood, only the faintest hint of mint could still be detected.

It was like that scent of mint could only seep through a small crevice.

Shen Qiao's alpha instincts made him subconsciously reject the body hovering over him, as well as the scent emanating from that body. All those instincts roared at him, demanding that he be the one to pin the other down. But there were another set of instincts that had been artificially planted within him as well. When Lu Zhe's pheromones ran rampant like this, Shen Qiao could still feel faint traces of fear running through his veins.

Lu Zhe knew that he should have restrained himself a little, but the desire he felt to wholly possess the person beneath him was overwhelming. He wanted all of Shen Qiao so badly that he couldn't even control his own pheromones.

The only thing he could do was reach for the remote on the nightstand, switching on the indoor ventilation system. If he didn't do at least that, it wouldn't be long before the entire HQ knew what they were up to.


After switching on the ventilation system, Lu Zhe buried his face against Shen Qiao's shoulder. His voice was deep with lust. Shen Qiao had originally wanted to struggle a little, but he had indeed lost their bet. He could only softly hum his acknowledgement.

Lu Zhe lifted his head. A flash of light emanated from within his dark pupils. Shen Qiao instinctively thought of a pet shop he'd once passed on the street, and the big dogs he'd seen inside. They were just like Lu Zhe.

Quickly, Lu Zhe realized that Shen Qiao's focus was drifting. He narrowed his eyes with a hint of displeasure and claimed Shen Qiao's lips again, nibbling and licking gently before sweeping the tip of his tongue over Shen Qiao's teeth, seeking access to fill up every inch of Shen Qiao's mouth.

As they kissed, Lu Zhe's hands didn't stay idle. One hand cupped the back of Shen Qiao's head, helping to deepen their kiss. His other hand crept down and snuck under Shen Qiao's clothes.

Even though he knew what they were going to do next, Shen Qiao was reluctant to simply be dominated by Lu Zhe. As their tongues intertwined, he gripped the back of Lu Zhe's head with one hand too. His other hand restlessly drifted down to Lu Zhe's loose trousers, palming over the already erect Little Lu Zhe.

At that moment, Lu Zhe's hand had also found its way to a certain spot on Shen Qiao's chest. When he felt Shen Qiao's movements, Lu Zhe's eyes darkened. His slender yet strong fingers started to toy with Shen Qiao's nipple.

Shen Qiao's breathing hitched; his body had never experienced such sensations before. It was a strange sensation, especially with the drag of Lu Zhe's thin calluses against his skin. And when Lu Zhe pinched that sensitive nub with his nails, Shen Qiao felt a shock of pain and pleasure that coursed through him like electricity.

His spine arched of its own volition, making it seem like he was delivering himself into Lu Zhe's hands.

When he realized what his body was doing, Shen Qiao's face took on a scarlet blush. It was a splash of color that made him look shy, but at the same time also made him look like he was barely getting enough oxygen. Shen Qiao refused to admit defeat, though. He refused to stop moving his hand, repeatedly stroking and teasing Lu Zhe's erection through the thin fabric of his pants.

The two of them finally broke apart from their long, passionate kiss. When their lips separated, a shimmery thread of silver saliva stretched between their lips. Their pheromones became even more deeply intertwined.

The two strong, domineering alphas couldn't help but feel a little bit of discomfort with the other's pheromones flaring up and growing more powerful with lust. But that didn't stop them from moving on to what would come next. They scrabbled at each other's clothes until they'd stripped each other bare.

They candidly showed each other everything.

Even though the light in the room wasn't very bright, Lu Zhe could still see the crimson staining Shen Qiao's face. He could also feel that the body of the person beneath him was just as hot as his own.

The difference between a hand on his arousal, through a layer of fabric, and a hand on his bare skin was immense—

As Shen Qiao stroked Lu Zhe's cock, he could clearly see and feel the signs of arousal. But there were no signs that Lu Zhe was nearing his release. Lu Zhe only let out a soft sigh of pleasure.

He bit down on Shen Qiao's nipple, which had already become reddened by Lu Zhe's earlier teasing. Shen Qiao's other nipple was neglected, left cold. He bit his lower lip as he felt the stimulation of Lu Zhe nibbling at him. Shen Qiao was determined not to let any sounds escape from his lips. He forced himself to endure the maddening sensation of the difference between his left and right sides, the contrast of hot and cold.

At just that time, Lu Zhe's hands continued to creep lower. He brushed Shen Qiao's sensitive waist with his fingertips, feeling Shen Qiao shiver at the touch.

And just then, Shen Qiao was possessed by some urge that he couldn't explain. Deep from the back of his throat, he mumbled, "Lu Zhe…"

His voice carried an even deeper, hoarser rasp than usual. Like he was a parched traveler, thirsting for nourishment.

Lu Zhe's lips quirked. He acted like he hadn't heard Shen Qiao and started to behave even more outrageously. He continued to soothingly brush Shen Qiao's sensitive waist with one hand, while his other hand traveled to Shen Qiao's erection, also starting to stroke him up and down.

The sensations of pleasure doubled from Lu Zhe's multipronged attack. Shen Qiao lost most of his will to resist. He almost forgot what he was doing with his own hand. His eyes grew unfocused. He only managed to keep his lower lip firmly clamped between his teeth, refusing to let out any noises of pleasure.

Lu Zhe continued to lick that sensitive spot on Shen Qiao's chest with intent. And as expected, Shen Qiao couldn't hold in a soft moan forever.

"Qiaoqiao… let it out. Your voice."

Lu Zhe buried his face in the crook of Shen Qiao's neck. His voice was tinged with a hint of a whine, like he was just waiting to be indulged and spoiled.

Shen Qiao deliberately opposed him, biting down even harder on his own lip.

Lu Zhe was in no rush. He switched over to kissing the other pale pink nub on Shen Qiao's chest, but he only nipped and sucked at the skin around Shen Qiao's nipple, never brushing the most sensitive part itself. Shen Qiao's nipple was clearly already pebbling from anticipation, but Lu Zhe continued to ignore it, which made Shen Qiao's discomfort almost unbearable.

At the same time, Lu Zhe pulled his roaming hand away from Shen Qiao's waist. He sped up the strokes of his other hand while bringing the fingertips of his free hand to Shen Qiao's mouth, gently nudging his lips apart. Then—

He suddenly bit down and tugged at Shen Qiao's nipple.

Pain, pleasure—it all hit Shen Qiao like a tidal wave!

Lu Zhe heard the moan he had wanted to hear, spilling forth from Shen Qiao's mouth.

The fierce stimulation was too intense for Shen Qiao. He felt Lu Zhe's hand on him speed up, and he finally couldn't hold back any longer. His first orgasm of the night abruptly slammed into him. Hot, white seed spurted out between them, painting their stomachs.

That hot, wet sensation was what brought Shen Qiao back to his senses.

He immediately, instinctively wanted to bite down on the fingers that had slipped past his lips. He didn't want to continue making such shameful noises. However, when his teeth brushed the skin of Lu Zhe's fingers, he suddenly seemed to realize something.

Shen Qiao forced himself to relax his jaw. He was afraid of failing to control his strength and leaving marks or wounds on Lu Zhe's hands.

Lu Zhe breathed a soft laugh, knowing exactly how thoughtful Shen Qiao was being.

However, Lu Zhe didn't extract his own fingers. Instead, he only plunged them deeper past Shen Qiao's lips. He explored that soft, warm mouth, pinching Shen Qiao's tongue between his two fingers. Shen Qiao was forced to move along with Lu Zhe's touch. He had resisted the urge to forcefully expel Lu Zhe's fingers, but he couldn't tamp down Lu Zhe's degenerate nature. As a result, Shen Qiao was rendered helpless.

While suffering this vile, lustful creature's touch, Shen Qiao glared and tried to curse at him. But when he tried to get those words out, he realized that a wetness was trickling out from the corners of his lips. Lu Zhe loomed over him from above, taking in the sight of him—the wet sheen in Shen Qiao's eyes, and the crystalline shimmer of drool dripping past his lips.

It seemed he'd almost bullied Shen Qiao to the brink.


He still wanted to do even more outrageous things. What was he supposed to do about that?

He watched as Shen Qiao's breathing grew sharper and more uneven, and as Shen Qiao glared at him like he wanted him dead. Finally, Lu Zhe withdrew his fingers and traced over the trails of saliva beside Shen Qiao's lips.

With a gentle kiss, Lu Zhe smiled and softly coaxed, "Okay, I was just teasing. Don't be mad."

Shen Qiao's only response was to fiercely bite at Lu Zhe's lips.

At that jolt of pain, Lu Zhe instantly sucked in a sharp breath. His hands traveled down Shen Qiao's body again, teasing at his sensitive waist. As soon as Shen Qiao released his lower lip from between his teeth, Lu Zhe lifted his head and looked over at the pants he'd shed earlier.

He reached over and, as though by magic, produced a small bottle of lube. Then he returned to kiss Shen Qiao again, keeping him distracted as he squeezed half that bottle out onto his fingers.

Afterwards, he experimentally brushed one finger over Shen Qiao's hole. An alpha's hole wasn't made to be used in this way, of course. Shen Qiao instantly tensed. It didn't exactly feel bad, but it wasn't the most comfortable thing either. Even with just one finger probing around there, Shen Qiao already felt a little unsettled.

He couldn't imagine how it would feel when Lu Zhe pushed all of himself inside.

"Lu Zhe…" Shen Qiao called out again, and this time his voice wavered with a bit of weakness.

But, at that time, Lu Zhe had only carefully worked a second finger in along with his first. Shen Qiao's hole clenched even tighter at that, but Lu Zhe was reluctant to give up.

"Be good. Relax a little, okay?" Lu Zhe gently coaxed, leaning in to kiss him again. He tried to take Shen Qiao's attention off his rear, but Shen Qiao was completely unwilling to cooperate. He turned his head away and closed his eyes, tensing up even more.

"Someday, you try this and see if you can relax," Shen Qiao muttered through gritted teeth, with his eyes still squeezed shut.

Seeing that things wouldn't work if they progressed like this, Lu Zhe sighed and sat up. He carefully scissored his fingers in Shen Qiao's hole, just a little, and squeezed the rest of the lube directly onto that pink, tender, and endlessly spasming hole. The viscous liquid dribbled absolutely everywhere.

Shen Qiao jolted sharply. The cold, slick liquid slid over his hole, dripping inwards. This feeling was way too strange for him. He finally couldn't resist the urge to push back on Lu Zhe's shoulders. His eyes flew open as he blurted out, "…don't!"

But at that point, Lu Zhe really couldn't stop. With so much lube slicking it up, even Shen Qiao's tight hole was starting to soften. And his cock was filling out again as well…

Lu Zhe carefully added a third finger, stretching that wet hole. Just as his fingers hit what felt like a soft, raised bump of flesh, he heard a muffled moan from above him.

He suddenly crooked his fingers against that spot, then leaned over Shen Qiao to ask, "Qiaoqiao, is this it? Does that feel good?"

This time, Shen Qiao could clearly see the grin on Lu Zhe's face.

How could Shen Qiao possibly admit how good that felt? He instantly lifted his right hand and grabbed Lu Zhe's nape, yanking him down. His hot breath spilled over Lu Zhe's ear as he teasingly whispered, "Gege, are you going to be alright? After all this time, this is all you've got?"

Lu Zhe lifted his brows, like he came to a sudden realization.

In the next instant—!

He thrust his little finger into that tight, soft hole as well. Shen Qiao's expression suddenly changed, and his breath caught in his throat.

Too much.

He had no idea that his brow had furrowed deeply with pain. He was breathing deeply through sheer instinct, but every time he breathed, Shen Qiao could distinctly feel his hole tightening and clenching around every one of the fingers Lu Zhe had inside him. It felt like he was filled to the brink, stuffed to the point of exploding.

No way…

There was really no way.

Sensing that Lu Zhe was about to start moving again, Shen Qiao abruptly flung out his left hand and grabbed onto Lu Zhe's wrist. He couldn't help but shake his head. Words that he'd held back for as long as possible spilled past his lips—

"No… I can't…"

Lu Zhe leaned down and kissed the furrow of his brow. In the softest, warmest voice he possessed, he reassured, "You can. Qiaoqiao, you can do it. You know how big I am. If we don't stretch you properly, I'm afraid you'll get hurt."

Shen Qiao was still shaking his head nonstop, wanting Lu Zhe to take out his fingers, wanting to escape this tortuous touch.

Lu Zhe carefully pried loose the hand that Shen Qiao had wrapped around his wrist. Then he pressed that hand down at Shen Qiao's side, while Shen Qiao curled the hand he'd placed on Lu Zhe's shoulder, digging in with his nails.

But Lu Zhe's eyes continued to twinkle with a smile. He started to slowly move his fingers in and out of Shen Qiao.

Shen Qiao couldn't handle this bizarre sort of pain. He closed his eyes again and tried to bear with it for a while, but ultimately couldn't help blurting out, with a bit of a whine—

"You… just enter."

Suffering for a long time was worse than suffering for a short while. Right now, Shen Qiao felt like Lu Zhe was cutting into his flesh with a dull knife.

Upon hearing that beautiful invitation, Lu Zhe's own breathing grew a little heavier. A few measures of hesitation crossed his face, but Shen Qiao opened his eyes and fiercely repeated, "I'm telling you to just enter!"

Lu Zhe, hearing him insist, could only withdraw the fingers he'd had inside Shen Qiao. He pressed his erection to Shen Qiao's hole instead.

Upon feeling that stiff cock rubbing up against him, Shen Qiao felt a moment of immense doubt. But his expression remained taut and almost emotionless. He closed his eyes again and thought to himself that he would just have to bear with it for a while, and it would pass.

Then, a second later—

Shen Qiao's eyes flew wide open again as he felt that stiff erection sink into him, breaching him inch by inch. It was like a sharp knife prying open the shell of a tender oyster. Shen Qiao couldn't stop the tears that slid out from the corners of his eyes.

Lu Zhe's movements were extremely slow. An alpha's hole wasn't made to stretch to accommodate another alpha's cock, after all. But that slowness was exactly what Shen Qiao couldn't handle.

He finally couldn't stop himself from frantically pushing at Lu Zhe. His whole body seemed to recoil, trying to shrink away and escape the pain that was unlike any other he'd felt before. He couldn't help but take back all his promises from before, endlessly stammering—

"No, no, no… stop… pull out…"

"Lu Zhe… ge… pull out, we can… next time…"

Lu Zhe firmly pinned his waist in place. His brows were furrowed with concentration and patience. When he heard Shen Qiao calling him 'ge' and trying to push their attempt to 'next time', a thin layer of sweat sprang to his forehead. He laughed helplessly, and in a voice that was rich with deep, suppressed desire—

"Qiaoqiao. I can't stop right now. Bear with it, okay?"

Shen Qiao was shaking his head nonstop again. He used no small amount of force when pushing Lu Zhe, leaving Lu Zhe with no other choice. Lu Zhe cast his gaze over to where their clothes had been shed, pausing on a silk shirt. He held himself perfectly still, not changing his position, as he grabbed that shirt and bound Shen Qiao's wrists together, above his head.

Shen Qiao shot him a scathing glare, but he had no idea what he looked like in that moment. With tears streaking his face, he didn't look especially fierce—he looked like he'd been bullied to the point of helplessness.

Lu Zhe peppered kisses over his brows and cheeks, kissing away his tears. He soothed his right hand over the spot where their bodies were joined, discovering that Shen Qiao's hole had already been stretched to the extreme. He gently ran his fingertips over that spot, then carefully pulled at Shen Qiao's rim, spreading him a little more.

That reddened hole was clenched too tight. Lu Zhe's touch and movements caused that tender flesh to pucker out. While Lu Zhe continued to massage that tender spot, he heard Shen Qiao exhale sharply through his nose—right as Lu Zhe pulled out a little, only to thrust back in.

"Ngh!" Shen Qiao's jaw was clenched shut, but that muffled sound escaped from the back of his throat.

As he started these careful thrusts, Lu Zhe struck that sensitive spot he'd brushed with his fingers earlier. He didn't pull back then, instead putting more pressure on that spot, slowly and deliberately grinding against it.

Shen Qiao's mouth, already reddened from all their kissing and biting, couldn't stay shut any longer. His voice helplessly rose out of his chest with Lu Zhe's heated thrusts. Each time Lu Zhe moved, a messy moan spilled past Shen Qiao's lips.

Whenever Lu Zhe pulled out, Shen Qiao's hole would tightly cling to him, making Lu Zhe feel like he wanted to drown in that sensation.

Hearing those broken moans rise from Shen Qiao, Lu Zhe suddenly smiled and soothed away the sweat staining Shen Qiao's temples. He lowered his voice and murmured, "Qiaoqiao, didn't you just ask if I was going to be alright?"

Shen Qiao's eyes were full of disorientation. It seemed he hadn't even registered Lu Zhe's words.

Just then, Lu Zhe suddenly sped up his thrusts. Every single time he pushed in, he hit that sensitive spot inside Shen Qiao. He didn't need to use any tricks or special techniques; every single thrust made Shen Qiao moan. Pleasure washed over Shen Qiao, stealing away every last scrap of his ability to reason. He could only babble and plead deliriously.

"Lu Zhe, nn… haa… not… not so hard…"

"Slow… slow down… ge… ge, slow down a little…"

When Lu Zhe heard that 'ge' from Shen Qiao, the last thread of restraint and rationality in his mind snapped.

He suddenly stopped moving entirely. His breath hotly fanned over Shen Qiao's face as he asked, "What should you call me right now?"

Shen Qiao's chest rose and fell sharply. He only stared blankly up at Lu Zhe. After a moment, he saw a diabolical grin curl at Lu Zhe's lips.

Softly, sweetly, Lu Zhe continued, "Let me hear you call me 'laogong'."

That was enough to snap Shen Qiao back to his senses. He instantly spat out, "Fuck off."

Lu Zhe wasn't bothered. He only smiled and said, "You're really asking for it."

After saying that, Lu Zhe started thrusting again, harder and faster than before. Each thrust took him deeper and deeper. Shen Qiao couldn't take all that stimulation, and yet he still refused to call out that embarrassing form of address. He stubbornly turned his head and bit the pillow, refusing to let his moans leak out again.

A red flush dyed his cheeks, and his eyes filled up with a fine dew. This stubbornness, which held no signs of weakness, only made one wish to conquer him more.

Shen Qiao had gone soft earlier, but his cock had grown erect again at some point, without his notice. Lu Zhe's hard thrusts even caused droplets of white pre to spill out. Shen Qiao jerked his bound hands down, trying to hide his flushed erection.

But Lu Zhe caught on to his attempt.

His thrusts didn't slow. In fact, they only grew faster and faster. At the same time, he grabbed hold of Shen Qiao's hands and pinned them down above his head again.

He was still smiling as he cheekily said, "No running or hiding, Qiaoqiao."

"Fuck… off… haa… ngh, nn… don't…"

Shen Qiao suddenly lifted his head, exposing his own slender throat, because Lu Zhe had suddenly wrapped a hand around the base of his cock, squeezing tightly enough to prevent his release.

"Wait and come with me?" Lu Zhe murmured sweetly as he pressed his face to the crook of Shen Qiao's neck again. His breath swept hotly over Shen Qiao's skin, raising a huge swath of goosebumps.

While speaking, Lu Zhe slid one of his hands down and pulled Shen Qiao's legs a little farther apart. That allowed him to thrust even deeper. Shen Qiao's cock was almost aching with arousal, and Lu Zhe was thrusting repeatedly into him from behind. He could only feel that each thrust was going deeper, and he really couldn't handle this overload of sensation from both ends.

He could only surge up and kiss Lu Zhe's lips, pleading, "Let… let go… let me come…"

Lu Zhe heard that plea, in that tone that clearly begged to be indulged, but it only made him plunge his tongue into Shen Qiao's mouth in time with his thrusts.

Suddenly, the head of his cock pressed up against something deep inside Shen Qiao. The moans from Shen Qiao, which Lu Zhe had swallowed with his kiss, only grew louder now…

It seemed to be the entrance to the alpha's vestigial womb.

Although there was no way for Lu Zhe to enter yet, just pressing up against the opening was enough to bring Shen Qiao a huge wave of pleasure. Shen Qiao whined, and the tears that came as a physiological response, that he couldn't stop, started to fall faster.

Shen Qiao could sense that something was coming. He harshly gritted out one word—


Lu Zhe still had Shen Qiao's erection trapped in one hand. He could feel a pulse beating in that cock, thumping against his palm. It felt like Shen Qiao couldn't hold back his orgasm much longer. Lu Zhe was afraid of doing some lasting damage to Shen Qiao if he kept teasing him like this, so he swiftly released Shen Qiao's cock.

Then, he aimed at that opening within Shen Qiao once more and pushed in with a harder thrust.

The next instant—!

Shen Qiao's hole suddenly constricted. His eyes lost their focus, and his seed shot out of his cock—Lu Zhe had fucked his orgasm out of him.

Lu Zhe only smiled.

Immediately afterwards, before Shen Qiao could collect his bearings, Lu Zhe started to thrust again and again, hitting that deeper opening with pinpoint accuracy every time, rendering Shen Qiao incapable of holding back the moans spilling from his lips.

This terrifyingly intense pleasure had already broken Shen Qiao apart. His tears continued to flow. Even when Lu Zhe leaned in to kiss them away, he could only kiss away a small portion.

Shen Qiao could sense Lu Zhe's intent. He shook his head and mumbled, "No… please…"

He was even willing to beg.

Lu Zhe instantly felt that opening within Shen Qiao relaxing a little, as though it would really allow Lu Zhe to thrust deeper. He kissed the corners of Shen Qiao's eyes and coaxed, "Let's just try it once, okay?"

Shen Qiao shook his head wildly as Lu Zhe thrust more wildly, with abandon. Shen Qiao couldn't hold back the sob in his voice even if he tried.

"No… Lu Zhe… don't…"

"Ge… ge, don't…"

Lu Zhe kissed him sweetly, but his movements didn't stop for a second. He could feel a liquid seeping out endlessly from that opening inside Shen Qiao. In alphas, this part of their reproductive biology had no function, but that soft sucking sensation was still a source of immense pleasure—especially when Shen Qiao was relaxed in the wake of his orgasm. It felt like countless hands were stroking Lu Zhe's erection.

He finally couldn't hold back the release that he'd suppressed countless times already. On one of his reckless thrusts—

Shen Qiao suddenly trembled. Perhaps because of the fear of the unknown sensations that awaited, he subconsciously blurted out, "Laogong…"

Lu Zhe grunted his acknowledgement. Then, he thrust directly past that inner opening within Shen Qiao.

His knot started to form, growing bigger and bigger.

Pleasure consumed Shen Qiao. His consciousness drifted for a moment. His jaw slackened, and his lips parted without a sound. A mix of pain and pleasure, intertwined, filled up his eyes.

The scent of cedarwood completely enveloped the cool scent of mint in the air.

At just that time, Shen Qiao detected the source of Lu Zhe's pheromones. He tilted his head to the side, stimulated by the raging intensity of Lu Zhe's pheromones that came with his orgasm. He subconsciously bit down on that spot.

Lu Zhe's shoulders suddenly slackened. He couldn't hold back a gasp.

Shen Qiao had bitten the pheromone secretion glands on his nape.

And he'd bitten down hard.

The scent of blood rose.

That previously-suppressed scent of mint suddenly unfurled and became stronger, billowing directly into the wound on the nape of Lu Zhe's neck. Lu Zhe was deeply affected by that stimulation. He spilled his seed deep inside Shen Qiao, filling him up with wave after wave of searingly hot come.

Shen Qiao trembled a little harder, but he lifted his arms as though he wanted to embrace Lu Zhe. Lu Zhe obliged, moving closer while bearing the pain of the bite. He released Shen Qiao from his bindings and hugged him back, letting out a satisfied sigh.

He finally had Shen Qiao. He finally possessed him, fully.

And Shen Qiao had possessed him as well.

In this bout, there was no winner, and there was no loser.


As a result, Shen Qiao ached absolutely everywhere the next day.

He opened his eyes and stared up at the ceiling as soon as he woke up, then immediately felt… something. He climbed out of bed, and in the instant he stood up, he distinctly felt something from inside his body…

His abrupt movements had also woken Lu Zhe. Originally, Lu Zhe had planned on keeping Shen Qiao up all through the night. But who could have guessed that Shen Qiao would bite down on his glands? Lu Zhe hadn't been able to recover from that pain for a long while. He'd barely managed to grab a tissue to wipe away the blood before wrapping Shen Qiao up in his arms and falling asleep.


He blearily blinked his eyes open. The first thing that filled his vision was the sight of Shen Qiao's beautiful back, his strong and thin waist, his well-defined shoulder blades, and his well-muscled back.

Of course, what was even more noticeable to Lu Zhe was the trickle of white that seeped out from a certain place.

That was what he had left Shen Qiao last night.

Lu Zhe's eyed darkened. He hugged the covers to himself and called out, with sleep still thick in his voice, "Qiaoqiao, it's leaking…"

Shen Qiao picked up an article of clothing from the floor at random and chucked it at the bed. His ears were burning with a blush as he retorted, "Shut up!"

Then he swiftly moved into the bathroom. As soon as he shut the door, he wrenched the tap and turned on the shower. The sound of falling water hit the tiles, splattering everywhere and making Lu Zhe think back to last night.

That body, the softness of that skin, the taste of those kisses, and the feeling of being buried so deep…

He remembered it all clearly.

It was morning now, the time when a man's instincts were the strongest. Lu Zhe listened to that sound of running water and could only sigh. If only he'd gotten up earlier, he might have been able to help himself to another meal. But now it was impossible.

Last night, he'd bullied Shen Qiao a little too fiercely. At the end, Shen Qiao had not only shed tears, but pleaded with him as well. Judging by Shen Qiao's personality, he would definitely be out for revenge once he recovered. This wasn't the right time for Lu Zhe to try to take more than he was given. The right move would be for him to play the part of the pitiful boyfriend.

Lu Zhe stayed under the covers and waited for his 'appetite' to go down.

Once the sound of the water stopped, Shen Qiao emerged in a bathrobe. He went over to the closet to fetch himself some clothes. Upon looking over at Lu Zhe, he wanted to ask what the hell Lu Zhe was still doing there. But his eyes fell upon the sight of the bite on Lu Zhe's throat, which was still exposed by the loose collar of the shirt Lu Zhe had put back on after shedding the night before.

That wound had yet to fully heal, and it was still crusted with a hint of red.

Shen Qiao was clearly the one who'd suffered more last night, but when he looked at Lu Zhe in this state, he suddenly couldn't say the words that were already sitting on the tip of his tongue. He could only think that, well, he really had lost that bet yesterday.

At the same time, his hands found another bathrobe in the closet. He took it out and turned back to Lu Zhe to say, "Hey."

Lu Zhe was in the middle of helping Shen Qiao make the bed. When he heard that call and looked up, he was just in time to catch the snow-white bathrobe that was chucked his way.

Immediately afterwards, Shen Qiao continued, "Aren't you going to shower?"

Lu Zhe raised his brows. He clutched that faintly mint-scented bathrobe in his hands, then smiled at Shen Qiao and asked, "Qiaoqiao, don't other couples get closer after they do it? Why do I feel like we've taken a step back?"

After a beat, he continued, "If we went from 'gege' to 'Lu Zhe', I could have lived with that. But why am I just 'hey' now?"

Shen Qiao was silent.

He didn't want to be reminded of all the embarrassing things he'd said yesterday.

After all, he hadn't only called out 'ge' last night.

He looked away, refusing to let Lu Zhe see his expression. He only put on an impatient tone and chided, "Are you going or not?"

Lu Zhe's appetite had been awakened, and just one meal obviously wasn't enough to fulfill him. In order to guarantee that he would be able to feast again, he put on an exceedingly obedient and docile act. He quickly answered, "Going, going now."

Seeing how obedient Lu Zhe was being, Shen Qiao could only helplessly let go of that angry breath he'd been holding in. By the time Lu Zhe emerged from the shower, Shen Qiao had already changed all the sheets and covers. He was holding some iodine and bandages, but his tone was still a little stubbornly irate as he said—

"Come here. Medicine."

Lu Zhe's eyes held a subtle smile. Like a tamed dog, he approached and sat at the edge of the bed, obediently lowering his head and showing his nape to Shen Qiao.

Shen Qiao dipped a cotton swab in iodine to disinfect that bite mark. At just the right time, Lu Zhe sucked in a breath of air at the cold touch against his skin.

Shen Qiao froze for a second.

A second later—

Lu Zhe's shoulders suddenly went slack. Shen Qiao had pressed down with the cotton swab, hard, while viciously accusing, "You're pretending, aren't you? Iodine doesn't hurt at all!"

Lu Zhe grinned and tried to hug his waist, quietly answering, "I wasn't acting like it hurt. It was just a little cold… Qiaoqiao, be gentle. This spot isn't something you're supposed to casually touch, anyway."

Shen Qiao fell silent.

He felt something.

When others were prodded there, they would typically only feel pain. But Lu Zhe… this guy… was getting 'excited'. And the evidence of his excitement could clearly be felt.

Shen Qiao couldn't help but look down.

Then he took a deep breath and demanded, "Are you a deviant?"

Lu Zhe let out a low laugh and hugged Shen Qiao tighter around the waist. He even propped his chin on Shen Qiao's shoulder. His warm breath spilled out, carrying a vague sort of implication as he said, "Whether or not I'm a deviant… isn't that something you learned last night?"

Shen Qiao said nothing.

He expressionlessly threw the cotton swab into the trash can, feeling like he was an unmitigated idiot for showing any sympathy for this man.

Pain would only make Lu Zhe happier.

He realized the truth of how incorrigible Lu Zhe was and lifted a hand to push Lu Zhe aside. But Lu Zhe was ridiculously strong. He glued his whole body to Shen Qiao like he was an overgrown piece of sticky taffy. He refused to let Shen Qiao move as he pleased, and even lifted his head to kiss him.

Shen Qiao found himself pressed back against the bed, being kissed in a way that gave him a distinct sense of deja vu. He mumbled a slurred 'fuck off', then realized that was only getting Lu Zhe even more worked up.

He took a few seconds to calm himself, then calmly reminded Lu Zhe, "We have a practice game this afternoon, Captain Lu."

Lu Zhe kissed him two more times, then softly said, "I know. I won't drag you into anything again. Don't be afraid of me."

Shen Qiao subconsciously looked away as he icily answered, "Afraid? What kind of joke is that."

Lu Zhe didn't try to tear down his facade. He got up and reached out to help Shen Qiao to his feet. When he did, he spotted the dark marks around Shen Qiao's wrists. He suddenly brushed his fingers over them and frowned as he asked, "Why are they so deep?"

He hadn't bound Shen Qiao's wrists too tightly, and he hadn't left them bound for too long. Why would these marks be so deep?

Lu Zhe subconsciously massaged those marks, somewhat unhappy with his own intense tendencies that flared up when he got 'excited'. He stared at those marks on Shen Qiao's wrists like he was trying to decipher a particularly difficult problem.

Shen Qiao twisted his wrists, but felt nothing. The marks weren't deep enough to affect his joints. They only shallowly marked his skin. When he pressed his fingers to them, he didn't feel any pain either.

"I'll put on some wrist guards later," he said casually. "They'll be gone in a few days."

Lu Zhe was still uncertain. "You're really okay?"

As he spoke, his gaze drifted down Shen Qiao's body, as though wondering if anything else had been hurt.

Shen Qiao lifted a hand and pushed Lu Zhe's face away. He hummed a response absently and started pushing Lu Zhe out the door. "Let's go. Someone agreed to queue with me while I make bizarre picks in the top lane today."

When the bedroom door closed, the sounds of chatter continued to drift down the hall—

"Just let me take a look…"

"As fucking if. Hurry, hurry. Let's queue up."

"Qiaoqiao, are you shy?"

"Dog Lu, do you want to die?"


Inside the training room.

Old Wo, Er-Hua, and Qian Bao subtly exchanged a look with one another.

For one reason and one reason only.

Lu Zhe and Shen Qiao absolutely reeked of each other's pheromones. The stench was so strong that Old Wo signaled for the other players to look at the bandage stuck to the nape of Lu Zhe's neck, which only made the whole situation more conspicuous.

Qian Bao's eyes filled up with incredulity as she thought, Wolf Cub topped?!

Old Wo also looked like he'd been stunned stupid. He only shook his head and thought, Don't know. Impossible. Right?

Er-Hua was greatly distracted by their attempts to communicate with their eyes. He lifted his own gaze and glanced at the two people across from him. Then he suddenly pointed out their wrists to Old Wo, drawing attention to the wrist guards on Wolf Cub's wrists.

Old Wo and Qian Bao both widened their eyes.

They seemed to have concocted some outlandish images in their minds.

Before long, Zhao Yue and Zheng Zhizhuo also arrived in the training room. The two of them politely greeted everyone, then simultaneously saw the bandage on the nape of Lu Zhe's neck.

Although they weren't too sensitive to alpha pheromones, this… was… where an alpha's pheromone secretion glands were located, right?

Zhao Yue stared at Lu Zhe, clearly wishing to say something.

Zheng Zhizhuo, on the other hand, happily strode over to Shen Qiao, just in time to see that Shen Qiao had a 7-0 kill-death count with Soraka in the top lane. He managed to kill two birds with one stone by saying at that moment, "Wolfy-ge, you're way fierce."

Being able to top Captain Lu was really the fiercest accomplishment of them all.

Old Wo tried to hold back a laugh as he got up. He studied the way Shen Qiao was sitting, in a somewhat unusual posture, then meaningfully agreed, "It's true. Wolf Cub, you're super fierce."

Being able to take another alpha was an incredible feat as well.

Lu Zhe could hear the 'colorful' implications in their words. He gave them a warning look, trying to hold back a smile of his own as he reminded them, "Fierce or not, what would you guys know about it?"

Zheng Zhizhuo thought Lu Zhe was miffed. He didn't dare say anything else before he quietly slinked off to his own seat to start playing the game.

Old Wo, on the other hand, stood his ground and answered, "I don't know anything."

Then he added, "We're good as long as you know!"

Qian Bao chimed in, "We're good as long as you know."

Er-Hua echoed, "We're good as long as you know."

Shen Qiao's ears had gone completely red. He picked up his headset and tugged them on, hiding his ears and pretending to not have heard anything at all.

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