Do you have a Ko-fi/Patreon/etc?
→ Nope! I won't be taking donations of any sort, but thank you for asking. These are unofficial fan translations and will therefore always be 100% not-for-profit.

How can I support your work?
→ Please consider supporting the original authors if you're able to do so! You can find a carrd here with links to the raws of the novels I'm working on/have worked on. Doing a search for 'gongzicp buying guide' or 'jjwxc buying guide' should bring up some results on how to purchase chapters on these sites.

Can I re-translate your translations into another language?
→ I do not allow re-translations of my work. Thank you for understanding.

Can I repost/make EPUBs of your translation?
→ No, I do not grant anyone permission to repost or make EPUBs of the translations on this site. If you find an EPUB of my work, it is stolen and made without permission. If you find my work hosted on any site but this one, it is stolen. Please do not steal my translations. Thank you.

Do you take translation suggestions/requests?
→ Currently I do not accept unsolicited translation suggestions/requests.

I have a different question!
→ You can reach me at 78zaotl@gmail.com!