Do you have a Ko-fi/Patreon/etc?
→ Nope! I won't be taking donations of any sort, but thank you for asking. These are unofficial fan translations and will therefore always be 100% not-for-profit.

How can I support your work?
→ Please consider supporting the original authors if you're able to do so! You can find a carrd here with links to the raws of the novels I'm working on/have worked on. Googling 'gongzicp buying guide' or 'jjwxc buying guide' should bring up some results on how to purchase chapters on these sites.

Can I re-translate your translations into another language?
→ Yes, as long as your translations are also 100% not-for-profit. Otherwise, no. Please also do not repost or MTL my translations.

Why don't my comments show up?
→ To combat spam, comment moderation is on. I manually approve comments as soon as I'm able, but it may take some time if I'm offline or asleep! As this is a personal site, I also reserve the right to not publish incendiary comments or comments which contain spoilers.

I have a different question!
→ You can reach me at 78zaotl@gmail.com or on Twitter @78zao!