Chapter 31 [EXPLICIT]

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Fu Shizhou hadn't wanted to advance his relationship with Qiao Luo so early, but he wound up confessing. He hadn't wanted to kiss Qiao Luo too soon, but they wound up making out more than once. Now, Fu Shizhou had Qiao Luo's sneakily-procured condoms in the pocket of his nightclothes. And he was holding the damp, freshly-showered little creature who'd bought them.

It was becoming obvious to Fu Shizhou that all his plans had been for naught.

Summer had already arrived. Qiao Luo had changed his fuzzy yellow pajamas for a little tank top and a pair of shorts.

His legs were so straight and slender, and he'd chosen a large and baggy pair of shorts for comfort. When Fu Shizhou slipped a hand under the waistband, he could so easily trace his way up Qiao Luo's leg and palm his little butt.

Qiao Luo jumped at the touch, but he was sweet and docile as he whined, "You're not allowed to touch."

Fu Shizhou wrapped one arm around Qiao Luo's waist and gave his plump butt a couple squeezes before taking his hand away to reach for the condoms. "I'm not allowed to touch you, but you sneakily bought these?"

Swaths of fire instantly bloomed across Qiao Luo's cheeks. Fu Shizhou had kissed him for a long, long time as soon as they got home, before they even got out of the car. Qiao Luo had forgotten all about what he'd personally bought.

Now that he saw them again, he remembered, but he still played dumb. "You're my boyfriend, so you can touch. But I didn't buy these."

Fu Shizhou tossed the condoms onto the bed and pulled Qiao Luo into his own lap. "That's right, I paid for them. We'll say I bought them."

The two of them sat face-to-face now, with Qiao Luo straddling Fu Shizhou's legs. He knelt on the bed with his thighs framing Fu Shizhou's legs and his groin pressed to Fu Shizhou's waist.

The pajamas Fu Shizhou wore at home were a set made of a soft and light silk. The fabric was far too thin to hide his body's reaction.

At that close proximity, Qiao Luo could almost instantly feel something that was… completely unlike the soft flesh of his own buttocks. Something much, much harder.

This was the first time Fu Shizhou had shown his lust for Qiao Luo so openly. Qiao Luo squirmed a little restlessly until Fu Shizhou cupped the back of his head and drew him close for a kiss.

Fu Shizhou left a trail of kisses from Qiao Luo's parted lips to the shell of his ear. He teased the tender lobe of Qiao Luo's ear with his lips and tongue, then murmured, "These things are divided up by sizes. You bought the wrong size."

Qiao Luo had already been kissed to the point of melting into Fu Shizhou's chest. Hearing that, smoke practically started billowing out of his ears. He buried his face against the crook of Fu Shizhou's neck and whispered very, very quietly, "Then what do we do?"

Fu Shizhou took Qiao Luo's hand and guided it to the pocket of his silk pajamas. Inside, there was a soft plastic package and a little tube.

Qiao Luo's hand twitched restlessly a few times, and Fu Shizhou released him. Fu Shizhou took out the supplies himself before kissing the corner of Qiao Luo's lips again and explaining, "I bought them on your birthday."


Qiao Luo spaced out for a moment, staring dumbly at Fu Shizhou with his jaw slightly slack. He breathed a soft 'ah', but the tail end of that sound was swallowed up by another kiss from Fu Shizhou.

They kissed again, and this time Fu Shizhou slipped his hands up the back of Qiao Luo's tank top. His warm palms slid up Qiao Luo's slender waist, traveling higher and higher to find the spot that Qiao Luo had once asked him to 'touch'. He caressed that protrusion with a fingertip, flicking and teasing until those little nubs pebbled under his touch.

Qiao Luo was extremely sensitive. Every one of Fu Shizhou's touches could make him tremble. The two of them were still fully clothed, but just being touched by Fu Shizhou had Qiao Luo panting lightly. His voice was hazy and almost damp, as though soaked in water.

By the time Fu Shizhou got him out of his tank top and shorts, his light gray underpants were tented. A wet spot at the front made a patch of fabric darker than the rest. His two slender legs convulsed a time or two as he needily gazed up at Fu Shizhou.

Fu Shizhou laid a hand over that wet spot and rubbed back and forth. Qiao Luo seemed to lose all control, letting out a few soft, unbidden moans. He called out kittenishly, "Zhouzhou-gege, don't bully me."

His voice was tinged with aggrievement, as well as a bit of anticipation and a subconscious touch of nervousness.

He was so sweet that Fu Shizhou could hardly handle it. He kissed Qiao Luo again, he comforted him again, and then—finally—he slipped a hand under the waistband of Qiao Luo's underpants, stroking him twice before taking hold of the waistband and tugging those underpants down and off, deftly exposing Qiao Luo's most secret, intimate place.

Qiao Luo was extremely pale, like milk. Under his underpants was a place that rarely saw the sun; his skin there was as white as snow. The length that stood erect between his legs was just as pale.

The instinctive shame of being so exposed made Qiao Luo squeeze his eyes shut tight. Fu Shizhou cupped his butt and massaged those snow white cheeks until they took on some streaks of red. Qiao Luo subconsciously whined at his touch. His own hands crept down, and he sweetly brushed his fingers over Fu Shizhou's.

Fu Shizhou parted Qiao Luo's legs and bore down on him, kissing his long and curled lashes as he reassured, "Be good, Qiao'er. Don't be afraid."

Qiao Luo's voice was so soft, and a little wet, tinged with an inexperienced sort of youthful lust, as he softly asked, "Be a little gentle, okay?"

Qiao Luo was extremely strong and flexible. Once his legs were parted by Fu Shizhou, he could keep them parted on his own, allowing Fu Shizhou free rein to move as he pleased.

"Okay," Fu Shizhou murmured before slicking up his fingers and slowly pressing one in.

Qiao Luo still tensed and arched his back instantly, whimpering in a thin and weak voice, "Hurts…"

Fu Shizhou only pressed in to the first knuckle before he stopped. He lowered himself and settled between Qiao Luo's legs, kissing and nipping at the sensitive skin of Qiao Luo's inner thighs. It was only after Qiao Luo slowly relaxed a little that Fu Shizhou tentatively pushed his finger in a bit deeper, but Qiao Luo instantly drew another sharp breath.

It still hurt.

Fu Shizhou was hard enough to explode, but Qiao Luo was in pain.

So Fu Shizhou couldn't bring himself to go on. He withdrew the finger that he'd only started to insert, then took Qiao Luo into his arms and kissed across his chest and collarbone, using just enough teeth to leave behind a bit of red. Finally, he kissed Qiao Luo's lips, shallowly shifting his hips, as he said, "If it hurts, let's wait. Next time."

"But I want… that… with you," Qiao Luo protested. He slipped a hand between Fu Shizhou's legs and continued, between each kiss, "Just kiss… kiss me… a few more times… then it won't… then it won't hurt."

He looked so soft and pitiful, but Fu Shizhou didn't want to let him go.

Fu Shizhou kissed him again for a while. Qiao Luo, after softening somewhat from the pain, stiffened again. It was only then that Fu Shizhou turned him onto his knees, giving him a pillow to hug. With his hips raised and his rear sticking out, Qiao Luo was well and truly exposed.

On his knees, Qiao Luo looked even sweeter. His snow white buttocks were still reddened by the prints left behind by Fu Shizhou's hands. Fu Shizhou massaged them again, kneading the soft mounds in his hands. The owner of that flesh panted softly beneath him.

Fu Shizhou's breathing had grown heavier as well. He kissed the two adorable dimples at Qiao Luo's back, then whispered, "Be good. I'll be gentle. Bear with me."

Then he parted those cheeks, exposing the small hole he'd tried to enter earlier. He slicked up his fingers again with copious amounts of lube, and he traced the rim of that hole for a while before finally trying to push a finger inside once more.

Qiao Luo started to tremble again, but he didn't call out that it hurt this time. Once Fu Shizhou had slid one finger inside and stretched him for a while, Qiao Luo started emitting soft little whimpers again.

He had been touched there. A sort of sensation he'd never felt before surged through his whole body. Qiao Luo's hips went slack. He lost all his strength in an instant, starting to slide forward onto the bed. He was only able to keep his posture when Fu Shizhou wrapped an arm around his waist to support him.

The first time was always somewhat difficult, and Qiao Luo was simply too sensitive. By the time Fu Shizhou finished stretching him, enough that his fingers could easily slide in, Qiao Luo had collapsed. He couldn't hold himself up on his knees any longer. He'd sprawled out on the bed, though he seemed to want to rise back up to his knees.

He arched his back again and again. His hole quivered right in front of Fu Shizhou's eyes, but Qiao Luo had no idea what kind of scene he was making. He could only whine softly, almost like he was close to tears, "I can't get back up to my knees…"

Fu Shizhou lowered his body and started to push in. He pulled Qiao Luo up by the waist, just a little. His chest was pressed flush to Qiao Luo's back, and he kissed Qiao Luo's cheek as he whispered, "You don't have to."

Qiao Luo twisted his head and sought out Fu Shizhou's lips, catching the corner of his mouth. His face was already damp with tears. With a bit of a nasal whine in his voice, he said, "It doesn't hurt anymore…"

Fu Shizhou had only pushed himself halfway in. Hearing Qiao Luo say that, he finally thrust in all at once.

He was completely engulfed by that tight heat. After so much patience, he was finally starting to find his release. Fu Shizhou could practically feel his scalp go numb. He only gave Qiao Luo a short span of time to adjust before he started to move.

His movements seemed gentle; his rhythm was slow and unhurried, but fierce at the same time, because each thrust was backed with immense force.

Qiao Luo could handle it at first. But when Fu Shizhou sped up, finding that spot inside him and striking it again and again, he couldn't bear it anymore. He instantly started to whimper and moan, sweetly calling out, "Gege, gege…"

He fell to pieces under Fu Shizhou's thrusts before he even finished that cry.

Qiao Luo was really so sensitive. But to what extent?

As soon as Qiao Luo had adjusted to the sensation of being filled, Fu Shizhou hit that sensitive spot within him a few more times. Qiao Luo's slender legs, bracketed between Fu Shizhou's, had started to quiver. He seemed to almost subconsciously let out a few heart-aching whines and whimpers, squirming and twisting his hips as though trying to change Fu Shizhou's angle. His forehead, pressed to the bed, left streaks of wetness across the sheets. His whole body trembled as tears spilled over his cheeks.

For a while, Fu Shizhou took him like a storm. Qiao Luo's legs flailed against the bedsheets, kicking up a commotion. Fu Shizhou slowed his pace then, wanting to give Qiao Luo a chance to breathe and recover. He leaned over Qiao Luo and teased, "Be a little quieter. Gramps is home."

"It's because you're bullying me," Qiao Luo muttered. His eyes were reddened from tears. He lay in bed with his cheek pressed to the dark sheets. His slender, pale form was a stark contrast to the darker bedding, and the red marks left behind by Fu Shizhou were vibrant on his skin. He kept his cheek pressed to the sheets as he closed his eyes. With a bit of petulance and a bit of sticky sweetness, he asked, "Why did you stop? Don't you feel good? You can keep bullying me."

Those words riled Fu Shizhou up to the point of burning. He grabbed Qiao Luo and flipped him onto his back. Once they were facing each other, he took Qiao Luo's slender legs and flung them over his own shoulders. After slicking himself up with lube again, he entered once more.

This time, his thrusts were even faster and more forceful. He pulled out just a little each time before thrusting back in. The sounds of their bodies meeting were especially obscene. Each thrust hit home. Qiao Luo could no longer flail his legs; he could only claw at the sheets. His skinny arms scrabbled at the fabric beneath him for a while, ultimately failing to find purchase. In the end, he stretched his arms out to Fu Shizhou and whined, "Hold me."

Fu Shizhou steadied Qiao Luo's legs and bore down on him. Qiao Luo was so flexible that it took Fu Shizhou nearly no effort at all to fold him over. As he continued his wild and fierce thrusts, he kissed Qiao Luo tenderly, lovingly. Qiao Luo's searching tongue came out to meet his as soon as he parted Qiao Luo's lips. That wet tongue was as soft and velvety as Qiao Luo himself, sweetly seeking and giving desire in equal measure.

Qiao Luo was so overstimulated that he could hardly breathe. He was panting fiercely after kissing for only a while. Fu Shizhou kissed his eyelids and the dip between his brows instead, giving Qiao Luo a moment to breathe and recover.

Suddenly, a soft whisper sounded out: "Laogong."

As soon as that call of 'laogong' filled the air, Qiao Luo felt Fu Shizhou all but fuck his soul out of his body.

Then a familiar yet foreign sensation surged up from the place where they were joined, racing through their bodies and filling up their minds. Qiao Luo felt a vast plain of white spread through his head. By the time he returned to his senses, he had already stained his own belly.

But the hardness inside his body was still solid, and Fu Shizhou's movements didn't show any signs of slowing down.

Qiao Luo had no sense whatsoever of how provocative his own words had been. He'd only wanted to call out 'laogong', and afterwards—there was no reprieve. There was nothing else that Qiao Luo could do or even think; he could only weather the storm that came.


Fu Shizhou hadn't wanted to tire Qiao Luo out too much. It was the weekend, but if Fu Shizhou really ate his fill, Qiao Luo might not have recovered even after a full weekend of rest. And that wasn't to mention that they still had a wedding to attend on Sunday.

Fu Shizhou didn't exactly want to show up at the event with a little boyfriend who couldn't even walk straight. He would be taken for some sort of mindless beast.

As things were now, he'd already shown enough of his beastly side.

His little boyfriend was currently panting in bed, without any strength left in his body. His eyes were still damp and shiny with tears. His whole body had taken on a pink glow, and some places were much redder than others. With just one glance, anyone could tell that he had been bullied quite fiercely.

But once a certain dam broke, sealing it back up was no easy matter.

Fu Shizhou wasn't abnormal, and he could get so easily carried away with Qiao Luo.

Like now, for example. He'd already thoroughly devoured his little friend who'd yet to even graduate from high school, and yet desire was still rising in his chest. He wanted to hear those soft and sweet words again, the ones Qiao Luo had called out in a moment of delirium.

He kissed Qiao Luo's sweat-stained forehead and asked, "What did you just call me?"

Qiao Luo was still panting heavily. He scooted bit by bit into Fu Shizhou's embrace, thoroughly exhausted. His waist was sore and his legs felt like jelly. Being done by Fu Shizhou once left him feeling more tired than he did after a full day of dance practice.

He was still too dizzy and disoriented to understand what Fu Shizhou meant with that question. Instead of answering, he only nosed at the sweat trails streaking Fu Shizhou's chest. Softly and sweetly, he murmured, "You stink."

Fu Shizhou took Qiao Luo's little face and lifted it from his chest. He gripped Qiao Luo's chin between his thumb and forefinger and playfully demanded, "I what?"

Qiao Luo feared nothing. "You stink!"

Fu Shizhou squeezed that little chin and lowered his head to kiss Qiao Luo. He wrapped a possessive arm around Qiao Luo's waist and gently massaged his soft rump. "Right now, you stink too."

Qiao Luo giggled naively at that, but he didn't have much strength left at all. His laugh was soft and sweet, and after just a short while, he murmured, "You're so fierce… I'm completely wiped out."

Fu Shizhou still remembered Qiao Luo's past crimes very well. He asked, "Who was it who suspected I couldn't get it up?"

Qiao Luo instantly started playing dead, afraid that Fu Shizhou would want to prove his 'capabilities' one more time. After a moment, he scooted over and kissed Fu Shizhou's chin. Then he changed the subject: "Carry me into the bath, okay? I'm all sticky. Feels gross."

That stickiness was all from Qiao Luo. Fu Shizhou's had been thrown into the trash.

Fu Shizhou didn't move. Although the subject had already been dropped, his heart still felt itchy with need and anticipation. The little brat's kittenish call of that term of endearment had been far too endearing. Fu Shizhou couldn't be satisfied after hearing it just once.

And so, he remained tense and taut in bed, refusing to budge. As he expected, just a short moment later, Qiao Luo squirmed closer and pleaded, "Zhouzhou-gege, carry me?"

Fu Shizhou tried to answer with silence, but ultimately couldn't hold it in. "Wrong name," he said.

Qiao Luo's eyes were still shiny from his recently-shed tears. After gazing at Fu Shizhou for a moment, he obediently murmured, "Laogong."

That spark was nearly enough to ignite Fu Shizhou again. He felt like he'd just made trouble for himself. The little brat obviously couldn't go a second round, yet Fu Shizhou had gone out of his way to hear those titillating words again.

He lifted Qiao Luo from the bed and carried him into the bathroom, gently lowering him into the tub once it was filled. Afterwards, he said, "I'll go change the sheets."

Qiao Luo was sore all over. Sinking into the tub of hot water was the most comfortable feeling in the world. He lazily fluttered his legs a few times and said to Fu Shizhou, "Bring me my cell phone."

Fu Shizhou brought it over for him, but chided, "You even have to play on your cell phone in the bath? Be careful not to drop it in the water."

Qiao Luo ignored him. He minded his own business and opened up the calendar app on his phone. After tapping on the current day's date and choosing to add a new event, he typed in a title:

Wedding Night of Qiao Luo and Fu Shizhou

Fu Shizhou stared.

For some reason, his face felt a bit hot.

Qiao Luo clutched his own phone tightly, feeling a little bashful after he finished typing.

When he realized that he was completely nude, and that Fu Shizhou was still admiring his form in the bath, he felt even more embarrassed. "Why are you still here? You're not allowed to look!"

Fu Shizhou set the bath towels next to him and brought in a pair of slippers too. It was only then that he went back out to tidy up the extraordinarily messy bed in his room.

When his hand brushed the sheets, he stopped for a moment. Then he reached for his own phone and created a calendar event as well:

Qiao'er is so sweet. Even sweeter than I'd imagined.

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