Chapter 33

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On the matter of whether or not his little boyfriend tasted good, Fu Shizhou gave Qiao Luo an answer with his body.

On the second day of summer vacation, Qiao Luo slept straight through to two in the afternoon. He sat up with his stomach rumbling, and he faced Fu Shizhou with a bitter frown. "I wanna go home…"

Fu Shizhou had returned to the bedroom with a bowl of porridge for him. "Eat something first."

Qiao Luo was practically allergic to all discussions of 'eating' and 'devouring' by now.

He'd forgotten that he no longer had the excuse of 'I still need to go to school tomorrow' to fall back on. With that one question of whether or not he tasted good, he'd set Fu Shizhou on fire. He'd been picked up and tossed into bed, devoured thoroughly. Inside and out. He'd cried until he couldn't cry anymore, and he'd squirmed and writhed until the bed nearly collapsed under their weight.

Qiao Luo's mind filled up with all those nonsense memories. By the time Fu Shizhou set up a little dining tray on the bed for him, Qiao Luo's face had gone completely red.

Fu Shizhou was nearly scared to death by that sight. He reached out and touched Qiao Luo's forehead. His skin didn't feel too hot, but Fu Shizhou was still a little worried. He sat on the bed and took Qiao Luo into his arms. "Let me take a look."

Qiao Luo clutched the covers and pitifully whined, "I can't anymore…"

Fu Shizhou started to peel away the covers while chiding, "What happened to all the courage that you had when you bought the condoms?"

That one fleeting impulse would follow Qiao Luo for the rest of his life. Bitterly, he mumbled, "You fucked it out of me…"

He scooted closer and whined, "Let me rest for a while, okay? Then you can do me again."

Fu Shizhou was silent.

Why did it seem like he was being taken for a complete degenerate?

He abruptly stopped peeling away the covers and placed a pillow behind Qiao Luo's waist instead. "Does it hurt anywhere?" he asked. "Do you feel any discomfort?"

Qiao Luo's face flamed again. "Doesn't hurt."

He pointed at the bowl of porridge in front of him, as though waiting for an old swallow to feed a young one. He even opened his mouth and intoned, "Ahhh—"

Fu Shizhou fed him two spoonfuls of porridge before following it up with a little scoop of vegetables. He had to slip in a bite of poached egg every so often too. It took twenty minutes for him to finish feeding Qiao Luo.

Afterwards, Qiao Luo yawned again and said, "I still want to sleep some more."

Fu Shizhou really had gone overboard this time. The little brat was seriously wiped out. Fu Shizhou silently made a mental note that he absolutely couldn't mess around with Qiao Luo to such an extent in the future, but at least he'd shown some self-restraint when they'd done it before Qiao Luo's school year.

After bringing a glass of water over for Qiao Luo to rinse his mouth, Fu Shizhou said, "Go ahead, get some sleep."


Just like that, Qiao Luo basically slept the whole day away. But after getting home, he still had to give his report card to his parents.

When Qiao Luo thought of what he would have to tell his parents at the end of summer break, he mumbled a little vaguely, "I was a bit anxious, so I didn't do well."

Papa Qiao and Mama Qiao both belonged to a rather enlightened school of thought when it came to raising and educating a child. After looking through Qiao Luo's report card and giving his homeroom teacher a call, they called Qiao Luo into the study to have a chat with him.

"We'll get you a tutor over summer break. Your homeroom teacher says your foundations in math are too weak. Are you okay with that plan?"

Qiao Luo was extremely okay with that plan. He hesitantly asked, "Can't we have Zhouzhou-gege tutor me?"

Mama Qiao furrowed her brows for a second. The vague, undefinable feeling of unease that had once risen in her heart long ago came to the surface again. She sighed and said, "Luoluo, Shizhou is on extremely good terms with our family. But you can't always trouble him.

Qiao Luo furrowed his brow too. He couldn't agree with that at all. "Zhouzhou-gege doesn't think I'm troublesome."

"It's still not okay," Mama Qiao said. She glanced at his report card again, then made up her mind. "Although Shizhou's grades are very good, he isn't a professional teacher. He might not be able to give you a comprehensive understanding of the system, when compared to a professional tutor.

"But this family is a democracy. If you feel like seeing a tutor will be too exhausting, we can reduce the number of tutoring sessions you have each week. But we can't trouble Shizhou with this."

Qiao Luo pouted and unhappily said, "Alright, then. But I want to go traveling with Zhouzhou-gege for a week. When I get back, I'll do the tutoring. I can take an extra class per week to make up for it."

Papa Qiao and Mama Qiao were also of the belief that there needed to be a balance between work and play. Although Qiao Luo's grades didn't meet anyone's expectations, they couldn't force him to work and study every waking minute. There was simply no good in keeping him tautly strung like a drawn bow without a break. It was also a good thing to go out and clear one's mind during a vacation.

And so, the whole family came to an agreement. Qiao Luo would go play with Fu Shizhou for a week, then come back to take three math tutoring lessons and one language arts tutoring lesson per week.


Fu Shizhou had also taken into consideration that Qiao Luo would need tutoring over summer break. He got in touch with the others and arranged their trip for the first week after Qiao Luo was released for the break.

Yu Ziheng had to back out of their plans yet again. He was in the middle of starting his own business, and work had him tied up, delaying his return to the country. He could only watch their fun from afar.

Their group of six people checked in at the hotel first. While registering, Zhaozi and Handsome Chub both politely asked for a standard room. Only Fu Shizhou shamelessly asked for a room with one large bed.

Zhaozi was silent.

As was Handsome Chub.

Zhaozi was a straight shooter. He bluntly said, "You're way too feral. Luoluo is only how old? And you're already… huh?"

Qiao Luo's face had instantly gone up in flames. He awkwardly shifted to hide behind Fu Shizhou.

Fu Shizhou, unperturbed, calmly answered, "He's slept in my bed since he was three. Problem?"

Zhaozi fell silent again.

"…so he's a child bride," Handsome Chub muttered under his breath.

The status of 'child bride' was too much of an exaggeration for Qiao Luo. He stood by Fu Shizhou, only carrying a little backpack filled with a bunch of travel brochures. All his other stuff was in Fu Shizhou's leather suitcase. Even their drinking water was being carried by Fu Shizhou.

Once they got into their room, Qiao Luo tossed his bag aside and plopped himself down on the bed. He kicked his skinny little legs with enough vigor to send his indoor slippers flying. Bossily, he declared, "I'm thirsty."

Fu Shizhou opened a bottle of Yakult for him, then went to pick up his slippers. "Wear them properly."

Qiao Luo obediently put the slippers back on before scooting closer to Fu Shizhou. He gulped down the rest of his Yakult, then whispered, "They… called me a child bride."

"Aren't you?" Fu Shizhou said. "You've been sticking to me since you were three. That's more or less the same."

Qiao Luo's little face had already been red and toasty, and now it reddened even further. "Child bride! Bride! They know you and I are… like that?"

"Like what?" Fu Shizhou deliberately teased.

Qiao Luo pressed a kiss to Fu Shizhou's face and said, "Like this."

Fu Shizhou smiled. "I only told them that you're my little boyfriend now. I didn't say we've already kissed. Where their minds are going, what wild leaps they're making… well, I don't know anything about that."

He wrapped his arms around Qiao Luo and whispered in his ear, "Qiao'er, your Ziheng-ge also knows. All my closest friends know you're mine. So, you can see, can't you? Coming out of the closet isn't that scary."

Qiao Luo was super weak to Fu Shizhou whispering reassurances in his ear. He could practically feel his ears going numb. After shrinking his neck a little, he murmured, "Mm, I think my mom and dad will accept it too."

He squirmed into Fu Shizhou's embrace and cuddled with him for a while before he said, with a touch of embarrassment, "But I don't want to be a little bride. I'm a boy."

"Mm." Fu Shizhou held him close and said, "You're my little husband."


Author's Notes:

Fu Shizhou: Me? I'm the big husband.

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