Chapter 44: Little Theater One

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When Qiao Luo graduated from college, his classmates, clubmates, and dormmates all got together for farewell dinner parties. Their underclassmen also treated them to dinners to celebrate their graduation.

Qiao Luo's alcohol tolerance level wasn't great. He would practically black out after three drinks, and usually he didn't drink at all.

However, the night of his dinner with his club, they went to sing karaoke. And Fang Yu was also there.

No one knew what was wrong with Fang Yu, but he was in a bad mood. He was determined to drink, and in the spirit of their brotherhood, Qiao Luo had decided to join him.

After one cup, his little face turned red.

After two cups, he became a little dizzy.

After three cups, whoosh. Qiao Luo was gone.

When Fu Shizhou came to pick him up, Qiao Luo was just in the middle of embracing Fang Yu as they sang a song together, and it was a fucking love song.

Fu Shizhou: [Rage.jpg][Rage.jpg]

He called Xing An, then weathered a scathing glare from Fang Yu as he went and carried Qiao Luo away.

Qiao Luo was out of it for a while. But as soon as he realized his Zhouzhou-gege had come for him, he put on the 'wild and crazy drunk' act.



Fu Shizhou went through the immense hassle of getting him showered and into bed. He was pretty riled up himself. But even after glaring at Qiao Luo for a long while, he still couldn't bring himself to exile Qiao Luo to the guest room. So he moved out to the guest room himself.

The next day, when Qiao Luo woke, he found that Fu Shizhou wasn't beside him. And that was when he knew he was doomed.

He searched the kitchen, bathrooms, and living room. Finally, he found Fu Shizhou in the guest room, lying in bed and scrolling through his cell phone.

The threat of separate rooms?! No way, no way. Qiao Luo hastily leapt into Fu Shizhou's arms and guiltily said, "Why didn't you hold me last night? Did you not sleep well? I'll hold you now. You can have a nap."

Fu Shizhou: [Rage.jpg]

Then he turned around.

Qiao Luo was suddenly met with Fu Shizhou's back. He burrowed his face in against the nape of Fu Shizhou's neck. "Once upon a time, there was a person who got angry, but they wouldn't say they were angry. Zhouzhou-gege, can you guess what happened after that?"

Fu Shizhou grumpily answered, "Died of anger, I guess."

"Not exactly," Qiao Luo said. "That person was super handsome, after all. The thing is, they have a big heart and open mind, so they didn't really like getting angry anyway."

"My partner was passionately embracing someone else and singing a love song with them. Even an open-minded person couldn't accept that."

Qiao Luo thought for a moment, then asked, persistently:

"Then what should I do?"

"You won't hold me anymore?"

"You won't kiss me anymore?"

Fu Shizhou huffed coldly. "You have Fang Yu. What do you need me for?"

Qiao Luo was frantic. He was feeling worse and worse. How could he have embraced Fang Yu?

He hugged Fu Shizhou tight and gently coaxed him:

"You don't like Luoluo anymore? But Luoluo likes you so, so, so much."

"Zhouzhou-gege, hug me, hug me, please."

"I want you to kiss me. Kiss-kiss."

"Give me a kiss, 'kay? I already brushed my teeth."



Fu Shizhou finally blew up: "…NO. MORE. RUBBING!"

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