Chapter 45: Little Theater Two

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Qiao Luo's chuuni phase came pretty late. Rather than the typical second year of middle school, it actually afflicted him in around his third and fourth years of college.

During those years, he got rather addicted to the internet. And he'd gotten into all sorts of internet drama.

But that didn't stop girls at the university—the jiejie, the meimei, the girls who were the same age as him—from taking an interest in him.

Qiao Luo was an extremely good-looking boy, after all.

Fu Shizhou could attest to that.

Fang Yu thought so as well.

Qiao Luo, on the other hand, found the matter of both direct and indirect confessions from these girls… deeply vexing.

Aiya, he thought. Being handsome is really bothersome.

Then, he had a sudden stroke of inspiration.

On a certain night, after a round of kisses and hugs, and after a round of 'doing it' with Fu Shizhou, Qiao Luo wound his skinny little arms around Fu Shizhou and softly murmured, "Want strawberries."

Fu Shizhou was silent.

Fuck. The plant?


The next day, Qiao Luo found a shirt with an extremely wide, open collar. In front of Fu Shizhou, Qiao Luo buttoned it up properly, all the way to the top. But as soon as he got out the door, he undid all the topmost buttons and exposed his little throat.

He was shy and anxious, but also proud and excited, as he took a lap around his classrooms and clubs.

His plan really worked. He managed to silently reject several people.

The first person to actually directly address the matter was Fang Yu.

Fang Yu lifted the collar of his own shirt, tightly binding it around his own throat, as he said, "Qiao Luo, your neck… go look in the mirror!"

Qiao Luo had started feeling pretty smug after wandering around and silently declaring that he wasn't the slightest bit single. But when he was spotted by his dear friend, he felt another wave of embarrassment come over him.

He slipped into the restroom and faced himself in the mirror to start fixing his clothes.

A bit of embarrassment still lingered.

Fang Yu knew Fu Shizhou, after all.

What exactly had Qiao Luo been thinking…

Qiao Luo pursed his lips and dwelled on his own actions for a moment. Red-faced, he finally took out his cell phone and sent Fu Shizhou a text on WeChat: Uh-oh. My social life just died.

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