Chapter 46: Little Theater Three

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Just two or three years after Fu Shizhou first moved out there, Qiao Luo was constantly mired in the joy of having a gege. And his gege was super, super handsome. Qiao Luo couldn't be luckier.

He was a bona fide brocon.

Whenever Fu Shizhou took him out, Qiao Luo would shout to every single familiar face he saw, "This is Luoluo's gege!"

Man or woman, old or young. He would proudly tell literally everyone he knew.

If Fu Shizhou wasn't with him, Qiao Luo would still seize any and every opportunity to brag to people and say, "My Zhouzhou-gege is super handsome!"

Fu Shizhou was forcibly dragged into the spotlight and turned into a celebrity figure among Qiao Luo's kindergarten classmates. It was hard not to get a big head about it.

But with Qiao Luo due to start first grade soon, Fu Shizhou had a premonition that he would soon become a celebrity at the elementary school too. He hurriedly thought of a way to prevent that disaster.

One day, while Fu Shizhou led the little brat to school, Qiao Luo didn't even get a chance to call out, 'This is my gege!'

Because, before Qiao Luo could open his mouth, a girl with braided pigtails sidled up to Fu Shizhou and warmly greeted, "Zhouzhou-gege!"

Qiao Luo was instantly pissed, but Fu Shizhou only smiled warmly and said, "Good morning."

Qiao Luo: [Jealous.jpg][Jealous.jpg]

Zhouzhou-gege didn't even smile at him like that.

And so, later on, Qiao Luo would hastily drag Fu Shizhou away whenever he saw his classmates coming near. He was deathly afraid of Zhouzhou-gege being stolen away by someone else.

Fu Shizhou: Mission accomplished. [NotEasy.jpg]


Twenty years later.

Whenever Fu Shizhou ran into someone he knew, he would deliberately say, "This is my boyfriend Qiao Luo."

Qiao Luo wasn't as awkward as Fu Shizhou. Every time, he would feign a bit of shyness, even though he felt pretty elated to be introduced in such a way. He would only offer a simple greeting of his own: "Hello, how do you do."

He played the part of a cute didi so well that all of Fu Shizhou's friends started sending Fu Shizhou recommendations of snacks, clothes, and games they thought Qiao Luo might like.

Fu Shizhou could sense exactly how well-liked Qiao Luo had become. A little too well-liked. And so, when they went out on dates, he no longer greeted people he knew.

Qiao Luo: [Salty.jpg][Salty.jpg]

Qiao Luo demanded, "Am I not worthy of meeting your friends?"

Fu Shizhou expertly twisted his words around on him: "When we were little, you dragged me away every time you saw your friends. Was I not worthy of meeting them?"

Qiao Luo said, "That's because I was afraid they would steal you from me…"

With that, realization struck. Qiao Luo instantly perked up and leapt into Fu Shizhou's arms, flinging his arms around his neck.

"Tell me! Now! Are you afraid they'll steal me away from you? Tell me, tell me, tell me, kiss-kiss-kiss-kiss…"

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