Chapter 47: Little Theater Four

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A bitterly cold winter had come. Every day, after getting home, Qiao Luo would drop his ice-cold little feetsies into Fu Shizhou's lap, and Fu Shizhou would massage them until they warmed up. Then he would take the whole person into his arms.

Sometimes he would carry Qiao Luo into the study to keep him company while he worked. Sometimes he would carry him into the media room they'd built in the house. And, of course, sometimes he would carry him straight into the bedroom to seek compensation for warming up Qiao Luo's frozen feet.

But Fu Shizhou was a member of society. Even though he was a partner at a flourishing company, he was still a member of society. And as a member of society, he had to go to work.

He had to go on business trips.

Ones that lasted a week.

At night, when he returned to his hotel room, he gave Qiao Luo a video call.

"Are your feet cold today?"

Qiao Luo stuck out his little feet. "Nope!"

His pale little feet were wrapped up in a pair of coral fleece socks designed to look like cat paws. He even gave his toes a wiggle.

Qiao Luo cutely sent Fu Shizhou a wink and said, "Meow."

He was so ridiculously cute that Fu Shizhou nearly bought a plane ticket right then and there to go home and pet his little 'meow'.

Then, Qiao Luo added, "Fang Yu gave them to me. They're super warm."

Fu Shizhou silently said to himself, The socks are innocent. The socks have done nothing wrong. The cat paws are still cute.

Then he asked, "Are you warmer when I hold you or are you warmer with the socks?"

Qiao Luo wiggled his little feetsies again and teased, "You would actually try to compete with socks!"


Author's Notes:

Winters really are so cold. (T_T)

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