Chapter 12: Young Bride

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The executor of karmic justice lifted his cell phone and waved it in front of Gu Wei's face. "LIttle Gu, I've been waiting for your explanation for eight hours. Since the explanation won't come to me, I've come to collect it myself."

In the small dressing room, there were only the two of them.

Gu Wei wasn't short, but Jiang Xun was considerably taller than him. With so little space between them, Gu Wei felt claustrophobic. The door behind him was locked, and Jiang Xun was blocking the way in front of him. There was no escape.

Still feeling a little guilty, and weak in the knees, Gu Wei couldn't bring himself to look Jiang Xun in the eye. He dropped his gaze lower and lower, fixating on Jiang Xun's hands, which Jiang Xun had dropped back to his sides.

These hands… were really nice hands. Long and slender fingers. Strong, well-defined knuckles.

Gu Wei was kind of… into hands. He could stare at a pair of really nice hands for a really long time.

And these hands? They were obviously made for esports.

When he had gone to a few tournaments with his bandmates, Gu Wei had seen close-up shots of Jiang Xun's hands. He knew that the speed and agility of Jiang Xun's hands were famous in the esports world. That was when he had first really taken notice of Jiang Xun, and also when he started collecting Jiang Xun memes.

"You can get distracted even now?" Jiang Xun asked. He waved his hand in front of Gu Wei's face a few times. "Little Gu, what are you looking at?"

Even in contrast to his newly-dyed hair, Gu Wei's complexion was pale. His lashes were long, and now that he had stepped off the stage, there was none of the 'alphaness' that had possessed him earlier.

Gu Wei still couldn't bring himself to speak. His eyes wavered, flickering upwards, but his gaze still stopped just below Jiang Xun's throat.

"I asked, what are you looking at?" Jiang Xun repeated, raising his eyebrows. "Are you very keen to apologize to it?"

"Yeah, I am." Gu Wei's heart was full of regret. As soon as he had heard the word 'apologize', he instinctively nodded. It was only when he lifted his head and saw the corners of Jiang Xun's mouth curved up in a smirk that he realized Jiang Xun had said 'it'.

And it was only then that he realized what 'it' was.

"You…" Gu Wei was completely speechless for a moment. "How could you…"

How could such a bully even exist?

"I'm surprised you still remember," Jiang Xun said. It was just too easy to tease this kid, and that put him in a rather good mood.

Although Gu Wei was already this age, he had never heard many lewd jokes or stories. He was no match for a huge degenerate like Jiang Xun. All the apologies he had crafted in his mind fell apart again and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

The collar of Gu Wei's performance costume was extremely low-cut, and his necktie had been pulled loose during his performance. When he looked down now, his shirt practically spilled open.

From that angle, Jiang Xun could just barely make out the faintly visible hints of cherry red on Gu Wei's chest.

Gu Wei had yet to get out of his stage makeup. His shimmering peach-petal eyes nervously flickered this way and that.

Jiang Xun suddenly had the thought that this arranged marriage their parents had pulled out of thin air… wasn't so bad after all.

He was a man who liked men. He had no problem boldly admitting that Gu Wei was exactly his type.

"Are you scared of me?" Jiang Xun asked. "Tell me."

"Who would be scared of you," Gu Wei snapped defiantly, but his eyes continued to dart around anxiously, refusing to settle on Jiang Xun.

"It's good if you're not scared," Jiang Xun said, even though he had deliberately tried to scare Gu Wei a bit. "How could I bully the young bride my family chose for me to marry if he's already terrified of me?"

Gu Wei had just started to regain a little bit of calm, but now—all that calm exploded like fireworks once again. His heart began to race even faster.

"We're not getting married, and I'm not your bride," Gu Wei argued, doing his best to sound resolute as he stated the facts.

Jiang Xun moved back just the slightest bit, giving Gu Wei a little more breathing room. "Now you're nervous," he remarked. "Why weren't you this nervous when you bragged to me about taking a hundred and eighty clients? Or when you dragged me on WeChat earlier today?"

With an exaggerated sigh, Jiang Xun continued, "As the lead dancer of the popular boy band T.ATW… what would your little fans think if they knew you were so duplicitous?"

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