Chapter 19: The Manager Knew Nothing

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With excitement and nervous anticipation fluttering in his chest, Gu Wei pushed open the door.

His positive energy seemed to have infected the cameraman following him. The cameraman stifled a laugh of his own and made sure his lens was pointed in the right direction to record every second of this fated meeting between two teammates.

Gu Wei thought it was only natural for this moment to be documented well. In that moment, his mind and his heart were full only of thoughts of meeting his new friend.

Divine guest of this divine show.

Your little partner Gu Wei has arrived.

His destined partner was about to receive the very first embrace Gu Wei gave out in any variety show.

"My friend!" he cried out. "I finally found you!"

There was, indeed, a person inside the infirmary. That person must have been chosen to play the role of the school nurse. He had his back to the door while he adjusted the long, white doctor's coat he wore, and the vibrating bracelet issued by the show had been set aside on a table.

As Gu Wei leapt into the room, he suddenly got the feeling that this person's height and the back of his head both looked a little bit familiar. But before his brain could send that signal to his body, Gu Wei was already pouncing on the guy and tightly hugging him from behind with both his arms and legs.

In that instant, he detected the scent of the other man's cool, woodsy cologne. Once again, a feeling of familiarity rose within him. He could have sworn he'd smelled that scent before. The distinctive scent of that perfume triggered some memory buried deep in his mind and, for no apparent reason, made Gu Wei's legs feel weak.

Gu Wei froze.

There was no way. There was just no way such a coincidence was possible. Gu Wei immediately denied the thought that popped into his head, along with the memory of this cologne.

But a second later, the person he was hugging opened his mouth and—

"Are you that happy to see me?"

Gu Wei made an inquisitive sound.

"I finally found you, too."

Gu Wei squeaked again. Louder.

"Little Gu, it was only yesterday that you dragged me into such a big mess. Do you think I'll forgive you today just because you've thrown yourself into my arms?"

Another squeak. Even louder.

Gu Wei's smile had frozen on his face. His arms, wrapped about his supposed teammate, started to tremble.

Jiang Xun?

The meme?

How could this be? How could it be him?

Where was the beautiful, kind, and caring partner who he had been destined to meet in this room?

This wasn't a divine show. It was the work of the devil.

His manager had lied to him. She'd told him his nemesis wouldn't be part of this show, and she'd even reassured him that no one objectionable, like Jiang Enyuan, would appear. But the big brother of his nemesis was right here, wasn't he?

Unfortunately, Manager Zhao hadn't known that Gu Wei and the big brother of his nemesis had a whole truckload of unresolved business between them.

She didn't know that the big brother of Gu Wei's nemesis was also Gu Wei's ex-fiancé, and Gu Wei's 'sponsor', and the target of Gu Wei's scathing insults on WeChat. And what one might even call Gu Wei's soulmate.

She also couldn't have known that, the night before Gu Wei was due to depart for this show, Gu Wei's traitorous right hand, a hand he had trusted for all eighteen years of his life, would send this reaction meme straight to the top of Weibo's trending topics list.

"Why is it you?" Gu Wei blurted out. He quickly released Jing Xun and reeled back two steps in utter disbelief. His legs, already weak, gave out under him and sent him tumbling onto the floor, falling flat on his ass.

He was too panicked and confused to even feel any pain as he reached out with one hand and tugged on the leg of Jiang Xun's pants a few times. "Are you really Jiang Xun? Really, really? The real Jiang Xun?"

This was the devil's work, alright. And this was the devil.

"The genuine article," Jiang Xun answered. "I told you, I would see you tomorrow."

Jiang Xun turned around and bent at the waist to look down at the Gu Wei that was still collapsed on the floor. "It's only been a few hours, and you already forgot?"

"Give me back my loving embrace," Gu Wei complained. He wanted to cry, but no tears would come.

"Give what back?" Jiang Xun asked.

"Never… never mind!" Gu Wei quickly shook his head.

He didn't want it back anyway. Whoever wanted that embrace could take it.

Jiang Xun studied him for a long moment before he mused, "Didn't you come here just to find me? Now you don't want to see me anymore?"

Gu Wei blanched, starting to panic in earnest. So that 'see you tomorrow' hadn't just been an empty threat. It had really meant, literally, 'see you tomorrow'.

"Last night, when I started trending, did you think you would see me today?" Jiang Xun asked.

Gu Wei frantically shook his head again.

Remorse. Regret. That was what he felt. That was all he felt.

It wasn't his fault. Jiang Xun couldn't blame this on him. It was his hand that had betrayed him and done the misdeed.

The modern world was full of degenerates with darkness in their hearts. No wonder the director had smiled behind Gu Wei's back like he knew something that Gu Wei didn't. No wonder the cameraman had barely been able to stifle a laugh just outside the door.

The reason for all that had been waiting right here.

Jiang Xun had just finished changing into the costume the show prepared for him. He wore that long doctor's coat, and he had a stethoscope draped around his neck. This Jiang Xun and the valiant Jiang Xun who wore his team uniform were very different. This Jiang Xun exuded a different aesthetic altogether.

Gu Wei panicked easily by nature. Looking at Jiang Xun now, dressed the way he was, Gu Wei was more alarmed than ever.

He wanted to run. He frantically looked around at his surroundings and realized the chances of him escaping Jiang Xun's grasp—


There was no escape.

As though reading Gu Wei's mind, Jiang Xun turned to the camera crew and nodded at the door. "Can I trouble you to give us a few minutes? We have some personal matters that we need to resolve."

Gu Wei was as silent as the dead.

It was all over.

He'd really had this coming.

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