Chapter 26: So, How Big Is It?

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Just as the plane touched down, Gu Wei woke in a disoriented daze. He blinked blearily and realized his head was still pillowed on Jiang Xun's lap, and he had finally at least started to make up for the sleep he hadn't gotten the previous night.

Gu Wei rubbed his eyes and sat up as the plane rolled to a stop. He peeked out the window and saw that it was midday in H City. It was only after he had grabbed his suitcase, getting ready to go, that he noticed Jiang Xun was staring at him.

After using the meme's lap as a pillow all morning, Gu Wei felt a bit sorry. He reached out of his own volition and gave Jiang Xun's legs a rub.

"Ge, ready to go?" Gu Wei asked.

Jiang Xun noted that, after getting some sleep, his Little Gu looked much better. His eyes were dewy, and some color had returned to his pale cheeks. Setting aside his own confusion for the time being, Jiang Xun reached over and helped straighten out Gu Wei's sleep-mussed hair.

Many of Gu Wei's little fans had gathered at the airport to welcome him home, waving a sea of banners and penlights. Gu Wei and Jiang Xun were both wearing the same style of face mask when they exited, but they were still quickly recognized. Someone in Gu Wei's crowd of fans let out a delighted shriek when they were spotted.

Gu Wei waved to his fans and, as always, urged them to stay safe.

"Our company's car isn't here yet?" Gu Wei asked when they got outside, a little surprised. It was rare for them to be left waiting.

Mu Yue, the company's new assistant, nervously apologized over and over again. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! Chen-shifu asked for a day off on short notice, and I haven't been able to arrange for another driver."

This was Mu Yue's first job since graduation, and there were many responsibilities she was still unfamiliar with. To have made such a huge blunder so soon after joining the agency had set her nerves on fire. Her voice trembled as she apologized, almost like she was on the verge of tears.

Mu Yue had heard from her friends that many celebrities had bad tempers, and she knew it was completely her own fault that Gu Wei was being made to wait at the airport right now.

"Hey, it's no problem," Gu Wei said. He pulled down his face mask to flash her a warm, reassuring smile. "You don't tell anyone, and I won't tell anyone. The agency will never find out."

When Mu Yue was in college, she had read plenty of the scathing articles and comments ripping Gu Wei apart. She had always assumed Gu Wei had a bad temper and a nasty personality, and even after joining the company as an assistant, she rarely talked to Gu Wei outside of work. Now, she was starting to realize her impression of him might have been all wrong.

They were still surrounded by Gu Wei's fans. Jiang Xun reached over and tugged Gu Wei's mask back on for him. Gu Wei donned a sultry and seductive look on stage, but in his everyday life, his smiles were warm and inviting.

Mu Yue's nerves had finally calmed down a little after being reassured by Gu Wei. It was only then that she realized Jiang Xun was with them, and it seemed the car that had been sent for Jiang Xun was already waiting off to the side.

"God Xun," Mu Yue started. "Could you possibly give our Weiwei a ride?"

"Of course," Jiang Xun agreed readily, turning to Gu Wei. "Does Weiwei have a problem with that?"

Naturally, Gu Wei didn't have a problem with that, but—

Although Jiang Xun had only been echoing Mu Yue's words, it was the first time Gu Wei had heard Jiang Xun call him Weiwei.

He couldn't help but feel that those two syllables, falling from Jiang Xun's lips, sounded different than they did when coming from anyone else.


In the back of the SUV that had been sent for Jiang Xun, Gu Wei sat next to the other man and pulled out his cell phone.

The screen lit up on its own, displaying a reminder that the battery was now only ten percent charged. The notifications of the unread messages from Chi Yunkai were still on the screen as well.

After skimming the messages, Gu Wei looked up at Jiang Xun. Then he looked back at his cell phone screen. Then he snuck another glance at Jiang Xun. And then he looked back at his cell phone again.

"Is there something you want to say?" Jiang Xun asked, feeling the prying gaze on him.

Gu Wei glanced into the front of the car to check on the driver and the assistant Mu Yue, who sat in the passenger seat. The driver was concentrating on the road, and Mu Yue was listening to music with her earbuds in. Gu Wei put away his phone and scooted closer to Jiang Xun.

He stretched up until he could whisper directly in Jiang Xun's ear, as quietly as possible: "Ge, what… type do you like?"

Jiang Xun didn't answer right away.

Gu Wei was deliberately suppressing his volume to the lowest whisper possible. His warm breath ghosted over Jiang Xun's neck.

If Jiang Xun hadn't seen the notifications on Gu Wei's phone earlier, he would have thought the kid was teasing him.


Jiang Xun thought of those messages, which made him feel things were not quite so simple.

When Jiang Xun didn't answer for a long while, Gu Wei nodded thoughtfully.

It seemed the meme had lots of likes. Maybe he couldn't name just one off the top of his head.

That was fine. Gu Wei could wait for that answer.

Still stuck close to Jiang Xun's side, with his lips almost brushing Jiang Xun's ear, Gu Wei continued to work through the list of questions Chi Yunkai had sent.

"Ge, how do you usually… like to play?"

Jiang Xun said nothing to that, either.

Gu Wei grit his teeth and peeked at his phone again. He took a deep breath, summoned all the courage he could muster, and scooted even closer to Jiang Xun. He brought one hand up and cupped it over his mouth, whispering the final question in Jiang Xun's ear—

"Ge, what's your… um, your size?"

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