Chapter 28: Understanding Your Nemesis's Dark History

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As soon as Gu Wei arrived at his agency, he received a call from his manager.

"We don't have much work lined up for you this week," she said. "Just one product endorsement and one magazine cover photoshoot. We pushed everything else back for you, so focus on studying your script. You'll be starting next week."

"Got it, I understand," Gu Wei confirmed.

After plugging in his cell phone to charge, he opened Weibo again.

Just a few days ago, in the middle of the night, he had stirred up such a big mess that it was no surprise people were practically rioting in the comments section of his most recent post.

@Have You Studied Vocab Today: Where's Gu Wei? He made a mess and just ran away? He hasn't even said anything about this.

@Hua Chacha: That's just the way he attention whores. He always has a way of putting the spotlight on himself.

@Seafish Tears: Have you seen the cast announcement for Like the Moon? Don't scold Weiwei anymore, he was only looking through Jiang Xun's Weibo as research for his next role. He's a very dedicated person, and he did nothing wrong. Can you guys please stay civil?

@User…*%&¥: Gu Wei's just a scheming little shit, okay? Quit making excuses for him. He just wants to get attention for his new show, and he's using Jiang Xun to do it.

@Little Hedgehog's Umbrella: Someone should wash your mouth with soap. I looked through your profile, and you've been doing nothing but shaming Gu Wei for two days straight. Is that fun for you?

Gu Wei clicked over to the official Like the Moon Weibo page and saw that the official cast announcement had indeed been released—

@HeCheng @XuanHuitongLisa @T.ATWGuWei @NingYao Autumn is coming, glowing like the moon.

Like the Moon was to be an adaptation of a very popular novel. As soon as the cast list was posted, the four actors' Weibo pages were flooded by fans of the original work. Gu Wei's anti-fans had seized the opportunity to drag up all his flaws and past mistakes, diligently working to turn the fans of the novels into hateful antis as well.

@ForeverEighteen: Good lord, these showrunners are crazy! What kind of awful tabloid star have they gotten to play my precious Miao Zihan? What is the director thinking? Chasing popularity, not quality?

@Has Guagua Studied Today: Ugh! Let's try to look on the bright side. I heard this guy was originally going to play the male lead, but got switched at the last minute. If we care about Miaomiao, we should write letters in our own blood demanding that they change his actor again.

@User9786565: This attention-seeker isn't going to do a good job at all. The cast has just been announced, and he's already trying to steal the spotlight. And to give himself an excuse, he's even followed Jiang Xun now, but has TMW's God Xun paid any attention to him? Hmmm? Haha.

@Salted Chocolate Cake: You're right about that! Please, please, please. Us fans of the novel are begging Gu Wei to please free Miao Zihan from his clutches.

@Snowflake***: +1, please Gu Wei we're begging you to free Miao Zihan.

@Little Hedgehog's Sunny Doll: ??? Why are you people in the comments so quick to judge Weiwei so harshly? The show hasn't even started yet. It's these comments that are going to ruin it.

"A lot of these anti-fans are alt accounts," Mu Yue mused as she passed by Gu Wei.

"I know," Gu Wei said, smiling up at the assistant. "They clock in every day to flame me like it's their job."

Mu Yue had to laugh at the way he put it.


Instead of going home, Jiang Xun headed straight to his team's club. As soon as he approached their training room, he saw someone sitting in his seat—

One of Jiang Xun's teammates spread his hands and made a helpless expression when he spotted Jiang Xun. In Jiang Xun's seat, Jiang Ying slowly spun around with his cell phone in his hands. On the screen, Jiang Xun could see the interface of that celebrity stalker app from before.

"You don't have any work today?" Jiang Xun asked, a little surprised.

"Ge," Jiang Ying said grimly, as though facing his mortal foe. "Just a little while ago, my nemesis followed you on Weibo."

Jiang Xun slowed to a stop and, under Jiang Ying's watchful gaze, took out his own phone to check his own Weibo page.

"Block him," Jiang Ying demanded, rubbing his hands together expectantly. "You're my flesh and blood brother."

He had slipped away from filming his drama just for this. He wouldn't let his escape be in vain.

As he watched, his dear flesh and blood brother scrolled through his list of followers, found @T.ATW-GuWei, and—before Jiang Ying could do anything to stop him—tapped 'Follow'.

Jiang Ying's cell phone instantly began to vibrate like crazy as a new notification appeared on the screen.

Guard My Superstar[Your Little Darling T.ATW-GuWei Has Followed @TMW-Xun]

Guard My Superstar[Your Little Darling T.ATW-GuWei Is Active On Weibo Now]

Guard My Superstar[Your Little Darling T.ATW-GuWei Has Been Followed By @TMW-Xun]

Jiang Ying stared at his phone, frozen and speechless for a long moment, before he finally said, "My little darling… wait, no! I mean, my nemesis… I have five gigs of evidence of his crimes on a USB. Ge, how would you like to have your mind cleansed?"

"Send it to me," Jiang Xun said.

Jiang Ying saw a glimmer of hope and gleefully offered up his treasure trove of nasty comments and articles he'd collected about his nemesis.

"That's the spirit," Jiang Ying said. "Didn't Mom say she found you a fiancé? Pay more attention to your partner, and don't waste your time on my nemesis."

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