Chapter 37: The Erotic Lord of Dance Can Do It All

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It was eight in the morning. Jiang Xun was woken up by the sound of his cell phone ringing, and Gu Wei was still sleeping. Jiang Xun quietly slipped out of bed and took the call out in the corridor of the dormitory.

"Morning," Jiang Xun greeted, seeing it was Chu Yi who had called. "It's early."

"It's not early," Chu Yi countered. "I sent you a message at six, and you didn't answer for ages, so I gave you a call."

"What's up?" Jiang Xun prompted.

"That medicine you asked me about late last night, Estazolam? It's a benzodiazepine," Chu Yi said. "Do you know someone who's on it?"

"The little troublemaker from before," Jiang Xun said.

Chu Yi huffed a laugh on the other end of the line. "Even the brave will fall prey to your wiles. You tricked him into going home with you, huh?"

"He's just visiting, I haven't done anything," Jiang Xun said. "What's that medicine used to treat?"

"It's a sleep aid, usually used to treat insomnia caused by depression or anxiety," Chu Yi said.


Jiang Xun instantly thought back to the trip home from their variety show shooting. On the plane, Gu Wei had woken with a start, gasping for breath.

Truth be told, Jiang Xun was worried. His heart ached at the thought of it.

Was this why Gu Wei still insisted on breaking the engagement?

Though, recently, Little Gu hadn't brought up the engagement at all.

"But the way he is now…" Jiang Xun hesitated.

"He doesn't seem depressed, right?" Chu Yi said. "It's perfectly normal for symptoms like insomnia to remain even after a mood disorder has passed."

"I see," Jiang Xun said.

"Take good care of your little friend," Chu Yi said. "Insomnia can be caused by many things. Depression or anxiety, or it could be a side effect of other conditions or treatments. It's a bit complicated. When you get a chance, let me meet that little star you've abducted."

"Sure, I will."

Jiang Xun thanked Chu Yi, hung up, and quietly opened the door to his dorm room again.


Gu Wei was already awake.

When he woke, he didn't see Jiang Xun. He stumbled out of bed, still bleary and sleep-addled, and went to wash his face and brush his teeth. When he was finished, he claimed Jiang Xun's bed as his own territory.

He bundled up the covers and pushed them up against the wall, freeing up the space on the bed so he could stretch and practice his splits while grabbing his phone to place his order for Jiang Xun's birthday present.

Once he finally confirmed the order, he gave his phone a satisfied smile.

Jiang Xun would definitely think this present was a nice surprise. Gu Wei had spent so long picking it out, after all.

When Jiang Xun came back inside, he was just in time to see Gu Wei, still dressed in a set of oversized pajamas, doing the splits on his bed with perfect form and tufts of disheveled hair sticking out all over the place. Gu Wei was still holding his phone, grinning proudly at the screen.

Jiang Xun stood in the doorway for a moment and just admired Little Gu's… full range of flexibility.

"Ge, good morning," Gu Wei greeted, putting away his cell phone.

"You don't want to sleep some more?" Jiang Xun asked. He thought of the call he'd just had with Chu Yi and couldn't help but worry about Gu Wei's sleeping habits.

"No, I'm good." Gu Wei shook his head. "I slept pretty well last night."

"Because we slept together?" Jiang Xun teased.

Gu Wei didn't know the answer. Jiang Xun's dorm was extremely plain and ordinary, but it was undeniable that Gu Wei had had a very good night's rest. He hadn't woken up in the middle of the night, and he hadn't had any troubling dreams.

He had been so comfortable last night, but where did that comfort come from? For the time being, he couldn't begin to guess.

"Ge, help me up." Gu Wei stretched out his hands to Jiang Xun. He was afraid of messing up Jiang Xun's sheets if he tried to get up by himself.

Jiang Xun moved forward, but he didn't reach out to take Gu Wei's hands. Instead, he wrapped his arms around Gu Wei's waist and picked him up off the bed, then set him back down so he could sit properly at the edge of the bed.

"You're very flexible," Jiang Xun complimented. "You've trained hard."

Jiang Xun remembered what Jiang Ying had said about Gu Wei being unlike other dancers. Gu Wei had been training up his dance ability ever since he was a kid.

Hearing himself being praised, Gu Wei puffed up his chest. His eyes filled with pride. "I don't even need to attend our group's figure-training class."

Jiang Xun had already known how impressive Gu Wei was. In the files Jiang Ying had sent over, there was a record of a netizen who had attacked Gu Wei for unfairly stealing the spotlight in a certain performance.

The performance in question had been set to a somewhat classical, old-fashioned song. In the middle part of the song, Gu Wei executed a difficult move flawlessly. He flipped from the back of the stage to the front, snapping open a fan just as he landed and striking a sharp and captivating pose.

It was a move that only Gu Wei could have performed, and yet his anti-fans had ignored the truth and twisted it into some example of Gu Wei being an attention whore.

"Very impressive," Jiang Xun added, deciding to heap a little more praise on Gu Wei. He even gave Gu Wei's head a pat. "I've seen your aerial somersaults."

Gu Wei was brimming over with pride. "That's nothing, I have lots of other dance moves. Even if it's something I don't know, give me some time, and I can learn."

"You can learn anything?" Jiang Xun teased.

The Gu Wei who had just woken up still seemed a little dazed. He didn't seem to realize when he was being teased or gently bullied, and Jiang Xun couldn't resist the urge to have a little fun with the naive and gullible Little Gu.

"Mhm, anything…"

Gu Wei's answer was a little more hesitant and less confident. Hearing Jiang Xun ask in that tone of voice gave Gu Wei the feeling he was falling for some trick.

"How about these?" Jiang Xun typed a few words into his cell phone, hit search, and passed it over to Gu Wei.

Jiang Xun showed him two videos of dances that had become extremely popular as of late. Both clips showed a provocatively dressed woman swiftly twisting her hips and shaking her butt to the beat of the music. As she danced, both her hands traveled seductively over her waist and exposed midriff.

Both dances Jiang Xun chose to show him were choreographed for the sole purpose of being sexy and seductive.

Gu Wei watched in silence.

As the true form of the perverted Jiang Xun reared its ugly head again, Gu Wei found himself rendered speechless. A cherry-pink blush crept up in his cheeks.

"Well?" Jiang Xun teased, taking in Gu Wei's reaction. "Can the masterful lead dancer learn these moves?"

"Jiang Xun." It was the first time Gu Wei had called Jiang Xun by his full name. "Why do you always have to tease me?"

"I'm not," Jiang Xun said innocently. "Who wouldn't want to see the erotic lord of dance show off his sex appeal?"

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