Chapter 38: Shippers May Experience Severe Turbulence

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"Don't be alarmed," Jiang Xun reassured. "I'm not asking you to perform for me now. We'll have plenty of opportunities in the future. I'll go get you some breakfast. You can sleep a little more."

After teasing Gu Wei to his heart's content, Jiang Xun took his leave just like that.

Gu Wei had yet to recover from such merciless bullying.

It was all Jiang Xun's fault. Now, the dance he'd just watched was stuck in his head, replaying endlessly on a loop.

That kind of choreography… it wasn't that Gu Wei didn't know how to perform a routine like that. It was just that he would never dare. Especially not in front of Jiang Xun, who for some inexplicable reason always made Gu Wei's heart beat a little faster.

After changing into his own clothes, Gu Wei sat back down on the bed and waited for Jiang Xun to return.

But, well, the room was empty. After waiting for a little while, Gu Wei got up and gave the dance moves Jiang Xun had just shown him a shot. It wasn't hard for him to twist and thrust his hips the way he'd seen in the video, or for him to caress his waist and belly as he moved, but—

But with the strange and delicate relationship the two of them had, there was absolutely no way Gu Wei would ever show such moves to Jiang Xun.

Suddenly, a knock sounded from the other side of the door.

Jiang Xun was back already?!

As he wondered how Jiang Xun could be so fast, Gu Wei slowly cracked open the door.

Outside, a young woman wearing a TMW team uniform was waiting in the hall. She was sucking on a lollipop, and her hair was styled up in twin buns. She held a document in one hand, and she wore a stern and somewhat sour expression that plainly seemed to say 'Work is Life' and 'I'm Having a Shit Day'.

Her uniform wasn't quite the same as the one Jiang Xun and his teammates wore, and she seemed close to Gu Wei in age. Gu Wei guessed that she must have been one of Team TMW's rookies-in-training.

"God Xun," the rookie started, looking up tiredly and somewhat disinterestedly. "Team 2 sent me to get your signature on…"

She trailed off when she saw Gu Wei, and Gu Wei quickly explained, "Jiang Xun just…"

The girl's jaw went slack. Her mouth opened wide, her eyes popped out of her head, and her lollipop fell to the ground. Her speech became nearly incoherent as she babbled—

"Gu-gu-gu-gu… Gu Wei?!"

Gu Wei jumped.

"Ah—ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhh! Gu Wei, what are you doing in Jiang Xun's room?!"

She wasn't finished.

"It… it can't be…?!"

This girl was really going through it.

"Holy shit! I get it, I understand. So it's like that!"

Gu Wei stared, speechless.

What did she understand?

Was there really a fan of his inside Team TMW?

The girl seemed extremely moved and excited. Her bored and impatient expression was gone, and she now looked like she was about to cry.

"Yi Qing, what are you screaming about so early in the morning?" West asked from across the hall. He had poked his head out from his room, still looking drowsy and half-asleep. "You need a signature on something? Just leave it there."

"Ah, I'm dead. Wait, no. I'm good." Yi Qing quickly stuffed the papers she was holding into Gu Wei's hands, then gave him a solemn and meaningful nod. "I would expect nothing less from my favorite idol. Don't worry, I'll be sure to keep your secret."

As she walked away, she genuinely started to cry, wiping tears from her eyes and mumbling, "It's too good, it's just too good. It's really, really real."

West frowned as he watched her retreat down the hall. "Rookie training is pretty rough. She… might not be feeling very normal today."

Gu Wei shook his head, then closed the door and settled back down inside to wait for Jiang Xun to return.

The gift he ordered for Jiang Xun had already shipped out. Most likely, it would arrive just in time for Jiang Xun's birthday.


On Weibo, the weekly popularity contest was heating up. Gu Wei's little hedgehogs had rallied together to cast their votes and send him up the rankings, but just last night his rival's fans had suddenly become ferociously active and boosted Jiang Ying up even higher. The two fan bases were locked in battle now, fiercely voting their favorite to the top.

"Tell them not to work too hard," Gu Wei said in a voice message to his assistant Mu Yue. "The rankings aren't that important."

Jiang Xun still hadn't returned yet. Gu Wei suddenly remembered the little fan of his who'd said she was dead and dying last night, and he decided to check in on his fans. From his recently visited pages, he found Sunny Doll's page again and loaded it up.

Only to find that her despairing message from last night was gone. In its place—

@Little Hedgehog's Sunny Doll: #FoodForXunWei #Canon I swear to you they're actually together, holy shit. If Jiang Xun and Gu Wei aren't together, I'll twist off my head and give it to you.

Gu Wei was alarmed.

These shippers were really going through some severe emotional turbulence, threatening to twist off their own heads at the drop of a hat.

Just then, he received a new message—

"Okay, got it," Mu Yue responded, sending Gu Wei a voice message to answer the one he'd sent her. "Weiwei, the variety show you recorded last time is airing tonight. Don't forget to get on Weibo at the right time and chat with your fans a bit!"

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