Chapter 76: Divine Providence

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[He won't come out even if you @ him, he has a tournament soon.]

[He teased our Weiwei and went into hiding? Jiang Xun needs to take a beating.]

[Wow, the one who thinks they can give God Xun a beating… you're pretty ballsy.]

[Their relationship is so good! Yesterday was their only day off, wasn't it? And they made sure to spend their precious free time with each other? If that isn't sweet, I don't know what is.]

[Hey, all those people who said Gu Wei was leeching fame off Jiang Xun. How're you guys doing these days?]

[Let's wait for the VOD. These little losers are trying so hard to cover something up. That's definitely suspicious.]

[Have you guys noticed that T.ATW are super popular, and they keep claiming their bonds or fake or whatever? But we can see the truth.]

[Is it going to be a long time before we see Jiang Xun and Gu Wei together again? One of them has to train for a tournament, and one of them has a ton of programs to record.]

[Wahhhhhh, how bittersweet. They didn't get enough time together!]

[I think the third installment of 'Escape' isn't going to have Jiang Xun. I heard they found someone to replace him. I'm heartbroken!]

"I'll definitely decorate my room later," Gu Wei said. With Luo Chenxuan's scarf wrapped tightly around his neck, he finally took off his own down jacket. He only noticed all the bullet comments zipping across the screen when he glanced at the live broadcast that was playing on the television in the living room.

[Why would you decorate? You probably won't live here for much longer.]

[You won't have to live in the dorms anymore.]

Gu Wei froze.

Well, they were right, but they weren't supposed to say it.

"What's on your mind?" Chi Yunkai came over and patted Gu Wei on the shoulder. "Getting distracted during a live program?"

[Weiwei didn't get distracted because he saw our comments, did he?]

[It's super possible.]

[Okay, okay, let's all stop the ship talk. We don't want to make trouble for Gu Wei. Let's stick to talking about T.ATW.]

[In that case, we want to see the captain's room now.]

The camera crew hefted their equipment and made their way into the room Fu Zhi had already finished cleaning. After Fu Zhi's efforts, the room had been left looking pristine and cool. Comments of praise instantly flooded the screen.

[The room is as suave and cool as the person himself.]

[It's all cold colors, very nice.]

Chi Yunkai flipped Fu Zhi the bird behind his back. Gu Wei stifled a laugh and quickly hid his medicine box in a drawer.

The rest of the broadcast went smoothly. Chi Yunkai got busted for secretly raising a hamster in his room. Shi Xinyan's hidden luosifen was discovered under his bed. Besides those two little secrets, the camera crew didn't manage to unearth anything else.

After visiting each of their five rooms, the director had the boys gather in the living room to answer a few lighthearted questions from the viewers.

"What plans do T.ATW have for the coming year?" asked the host.

"We'll be performing in several major cities across the country," Fu Zhi said. "We'll also be releasing a new album that includes a solo track for each of us. We're really going to have plenty to keep us busy next year."

[The long-awaited concert tour!]

[Are they releasing new music?]

"There'll be new music," Luo Chenxuan confirmed. "We're already working on the new tracks. I'll be writing the lyrics, Gu Wei will be choreographing our dances, and we'll be leaving the raps to Chi Yunkai."

The subject of their concerts always got their fans chatting excitedly.

[The captain is in charge of looking cool!]

[Shi Xinyan, be careful not to overwork yourself! And don't rush on the new songs, we can wait. Mama wants you all to be healthy.]

[I can survive working overtime every day as long as T.ATW is there to reinvigorate me.]

[Gu Wei-didi, please don't make the choreography too difficult. Our Shi Xinyan can't do the splits, lololololol!]

[I'm already waiting for the official T.ATW blog to release footage of their rehearsals. I always laugh my ass off at those clips!]

"Hey, hey," Shi Xinyan interjected. "Who's trash-talking my moves?"

The atmosphere of the live broadcast of In A Small World With You was nice and lively. Fu Zhi, as the captain, did a great job of leading the conversation. Shi Xinyan chimed in once in a while, at all the right times, to lighten the mood and crack a joke.

All five of them had large fan bases, and their faces and temperaments left nothing to be desired. Even if the five of them had just sat there without saying a word, their viewers would have been ecstatic to watch their program.

As they chatted with the host, they picked out a few of the more interesting questions from the comments to answer as well. But as the stream attracted more and more people, some unsavory comments began to trickle across the screen.

[You guys are having another concert? Are you still going to use Gu Wei's stolen choreography? You'll definitely trend and be exposed if you do.]

[I'm begging Gu Wei to stop dragging T.ATW down. Without you, they would be even more popular.]

Gu Wei had grown accustomed to seeing comments like that. He was already numb to it, and he'd planned on ignoring them entirely.

But Fu Zhi suddenly said, "Seeing is believing, and hearing is meaningless."

He used the exact same words he had once posted to Weibo, calling the validity of those accusations into question.

Chi Yunkai also spoke up. "T.ATW is a group. If we lose any one of us, we wouldn't be the same. We wouldn't be popular at all anymore."

"Run along and worry about your own idol," Luo Chenxuan said bluntly. "Has he apologized for what happened before yet?"

[Ahhhhhhh, I'm finally seeing you guys defend yourselves!]

[I knew it. As soon as your manager takes her eyes off you, you get feisty.]

[Oh my god, did I just see Luo Chenxuan diss someone? His alpha power is off the charts.]

[I really couldn't have watched any longer if T.ATW didn't start fighting back. Has JEY washed himself clean of all his recent scandals yet? No? Then why are his fans coming into other people's livestreams to talk shit?]

Manager Zhao had ducked out to get herself a cup of water when she saw the stream was going so smoothly. By the time she returned, the boys had already finished bickering with the few anti-fans who'd slipped into the stream.

In A Small World With You had already been running for several years. The host was extremely experienced. He was good at digging into hot topics and avoiding controversial ones. He and Fu Zhi swiftly changed the subject, steering them into calmer waters.

At the end of the program, the host turned to Zhao Ya and asked, "Would the manager like to talk about what it's been like to watch over T.ATW these past two years?"

"To be honest, sometimes I feel like a teacher looking after a bunch of unruly boys. There's one who frequently stays out all night, there's one who's always sneaking off to buy snacks, there's one who rushes home in the middle of the night to feed his secret hamster, and there's even one who hides his beloved floral blankets when people come over…"

Manager Zhao systematically sold them out one by one.

Then, she continued, "But I've never regretted working with them. T.ATW is like a big family. I think they can still go far."

The show ended with the five boys giving an a cappella performance. That episode of In A Small World With You ended there, but the discussion on Weibo was just getting started.

@InASmallWorldWithYouOfficial: The latest broadcast is now over, and the video is available online! Their small world is really great, don't you think? [megaphone.jpg]

@p>0.05: I spent all morning watching the live broadcast, and I feel so refreshed now. They're just so healing. All those old rumors were completely unnecessary, their bonds are clearly the real deal. Nothing fake or scripted about it.

@tori: Definitely not scripted. 'Small World' always catches its guests off guard. Their surprise was unscripted, and the spirit of their group is real. But what I really want to know is what they were covering up for Gu Wei.

@Walnut: Did you guys notice how many sweet little details we got in this episode? When their manager exploded, she leaked so many new secrets to us.

@Mad Hatter's Hat: There was a little TMW pin in Gu Wei's room. Can I consider this ship fodder?

@Has Jiang Enyuan Apologized Yet: @Mad Hatter's Hat, sisters, let's all remember to ship at home. Let's not mention any names out here.

In the group chat made just for shippers—

@Has Jiang Enyuan Apologized Yet: Everyone, please find me some sweet, sweet content. If they're going to be apart for so long, we'll need all the content we can get to survive.

@Mad Hatter's Hat: About that TMW pin. I know every member of T.ATW has one, but the one next to Gu Wei's bed is a limited edition pin. You can't buy it anywhere. But I know non-shippers are just going to say all the boys follow TMW.

@KikiandChuchu: I have something! Check out 'In A Small World With You', timestamp 37:15. It was only visible for a second, but you can see what we suspect is a hickey. However! Remember to please say it's a mosquito bite when you're talking outside the group, thank you.

@Little Hedgehog's Sunny Doll: It's December…

@Meow Meow Wang Wang Arare: They shared a bed, and now there's a love bite. I can't handle it anymore, I want to see them get married right now!

@Did You Grow Taller Today: Seriously, I just love this kind of feeling. Even though Jiang Xun didn't appear in yesterday's stream or today's broadcast, even though no one even mentioned his name, we got so much new ship material. I just love these two to bits!

@A *Redacted*: And even though we're trying so hard to be quiet and keep a low profile, sometimes 'FoodForXunWei' still trends! Do you know what this is called? It's divine providence.


There was one other part of this installment of In A Small World With You that attracted the attention of many viewers. This was the first time anyone in T.ATW had publicly addressed the dance choreography plagiarism scandal involving Gu Wei and Jiang Enyuan.

Besides a few people who just dissed Gu Wei out of habit, almost all media outlets and netizens came out in support of T.ATW.

[I suspect JEY hired some professional antis to go after Gu Wei. I've realized that a lot of Gu Wei's scandals aren't really scandals at all. The thing about him not liking dogs, and him being called rude for running out on that embroidery lesson… those were just little misunderstandings that people made into a big deal. His fans always defended him when stuff like that came up.]

[I support T.ATW on this, I just get the feeling there's something going on that we don't know yet. It was their first time ever addressing this directly. It really felt like they lost all their inhibitions as soon as their manager looked away for a second, hahahahaha.]

[Regardless, I just feel bad for Gu Wei. He's been attacked for so many things that weren't his fault. Who could stand all that? When I think about didi opening Weibo every day to see people attacking him, I just imagine he must feel awful.]

[I hate to say it, but we don't know who's right and who's wrong in this plagiarism thing. But we do know Jiang Enyuan used that scandal to become popular. Right after it happened, his company did a lot of marketing around it.]

[Honestly, my heart hurts for Weiwei so much. As a mom fan, I just want to give him a big hug. He isn't even twenty yet, is he? Why does he have to suffer so much? When he was constantly attacked, I really worried that he wouldn't be able to handle it.]

[Luo Chenxuan was right. Jiang Enyuan is involved in loads of scandals these days. Has he washed himself clean? Can't believe he thinks he has time to try to drag other people down right now.]

[JEY really has been getting a streak of bad press lately. It's just those brainless fans of his who are still trying to protect him. A bunch of his smarter fans are already trying to wash their hands of him. That's divine providence, you know.]

At the offices of a certain entertainment agency, a certain manager was currently in the process of throwing a fit at Jiang Enyuan.

"What's going on with you?! Why are you involved in scandal after scandal?" Jiang Enyuan's manager demanded. "Your new drama is coming soon, and your reputation has plummeted. Aren't those higher-ups still protecting you?"

"I don't know," Jiang Enyuan said, frowning and furrowing his brows. "These scandals are all old news. It's just a few tabloid accounts rehashing ancient history over and over again. I haven't even done anything lately. But you know how people on the internet are. They're so easily controlled. Why don't we give them a warning?"

"None of those scandals are false. What do you want us to warn them about?" his manager snapped. "It's a good thing Gu Wei's dad Gu Cai never bothers with these things. He has some power in the industry, but he never uses it for Gu Wei. As long as we don't respond to T.ATW's words, those goldfish-brained netizens will forget all about this in a few days. Let's just hope no new problems come up after that."

"There shouldn't be anything else," Jiang Enyuan said. "Gu Wei has been controversial for ages. It's not going to be that easy for him to wash himself clean of his bad reputation."

Inside TMW's training room, Jiang Xun was just about to turn in his cell phone. He and his team were getting ready to enter a phase of training in total isolation. But he was sending a few last-minute messages to Jiang Ying.

[100K Volts]: Take over from here. I'll handle the rest when I get back.

[Big-Clawed Crab]: I have 20 gigs of dirt on JEY, and lots of it is totally exclusive. I can play with him for ages.

[100K Volts]: Play to your heart's content. Mom says she'll cover any expenses.

[Big-Clawed Crab]: Message received, loud and clear. I won't let him have a single minute of peace.

[Big-Clawed Crab]: This is way more fun than acting.[Big-Clawed Crab]: Lip-synching, sleeping with fans, breaking his contract, arriving late to performances, and general arrogance… hmmm, what should I expose today?

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