Chapter 81: Fireworks

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Jiang Xun wasn't satisfied with having a good New Year's Eve on his own. He just had to make sure countless netizens had a spectacular New Year's too. The aftershocks of his New Year's greetings post were evident in the comments section.

[Everyone in that room is worth so much money. Two internet-famous celebrities, one impressive screenwriter, one legendary movie star, and the recently retired God Xun.]

[I just remembered… aren't these two internet celebrities' fans feuding right now? Like, literally right now?]

[Yeah. Their fans can't go three days without feuding. They're practically allergic to peace.]

[I kind of want to interview their fans and see how those fans are feeling now. Do they still want to fight? lololololol]

[Hasn't it been a long time since Jiang Xun and Gu Wei appeared together? I think the last time was before Jiang Xun's tournament.]

[AHHHHHHH, I'm late, I'm late! I never thought we would get some sweet new content on New Year's! I can't believe my ship is doing social media work even now. They're too good to us!]

TMW had just been crowned the champions of the winter tournament, and Jiang Xun had just retired. All eyes were on him. Even though it was New Year's Eve, his post was quickly seen and shared by many people.

@power: Look what I found. There's just way too much new information in this photo.

@TMW-West: Ah, I see. The retired God Xun has already gone home to his family. [DoraemonSurprise.jpg]

@I Can Do It I Really Can: Wow, I'm jealous~! Some people can become a hot topic just for celebrating New Year's.

@TMW-Sunny: Happy New Year, boss. Are you giving out red envelopes? Your family's dinner looks extra scrumdiddlyumptious. [dogeface.jpg]

@Little Hedgehog's Sunny Doll: Wow~ I haven't seen our Weiwei in ages. So he's celebrating New Year's at your place, hmmm?

@KikiandChuchu: @Little Hedgehog's Sunny Doll, ahhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh sister let me DM you. I have some sugary sweetness to share with you. I just saw them this afternoon, and now I believe you about everything. Everything!

@Little Hedgehog's Sunny Doll: Let's go. We'll trade some content.

@A Shadow Who Loves Jiang Ying: ……well holy shit, I didn't know Gu Wei and Jiang Xun were that close. They're celebrating New Year's together. Alright, everyone. Ceasefire, ceasefire! Let's pick this up after New Year's. It's no good to keep fighting tonight. Retreat for now.

@Little Hedgehog's Owl: Farewell. [salute.jpg]

Elsewhere, in the 'FoodForXunWei' supertopic, shippers who had just finished eating dinner with their family gathered once more.

[Sisters, this is too sweet! We haven't seen them together in such a long time, and now we're seeing them together in Jiang Xun's home? More importantly, they're together at Jiang Xun's home on New Year's Eve! No matter how you look at it, they look like a big, happy family, right?]

[It's over for me, I'm doomed. I'm seriously sitting here thinking this ship is more interesting than the New Year's Gala.]


[My mom wants to know why I'm hugging my cell phone and smiling like crazy.]

[Tie the knot already, please. We're begging you. Jiang Xun has already tricked Weiwei into going home with him.]

[Have you guys forgotten? There was that rumor that Jiang Xun had a fiancé. So my question is… is that fiancé in this photo?]

[Now that you mention it, I think so? But, ah, I'm too afraid to bite at that rumor! It's like this big, huge piece of candy sitting right in front of me, but I'm afraid to take a bite, because what if it isn't real? I would be crushed.]

[I can't, I can't, I just can't keep up. Jiang Xun is giving us content faster than we can consume it. When is Gu Wei going to give us some sweetness too?]

[Jiang Xun: I didn't give you any content over the tournament season, so I'm paying it back now, okay?]

[Jiang Xun plays this game better than anyone.]

[Honestly, I feel like we don't need to keep a low profile at all. When has Jiang Xun ever kept a low profile about this?]

[Omfg, I haven't even made my New Year's wish yet, and it's already come true?]

[Okay, wait, real talk. Why did Gu Wei go to Jiang Xun's place for New Year's Eve?]

When that question came up, Gu Wei's little hedgehogs felt another wave of sympathy for their idol.

@Very Little Hedgehog: I think didi's parents divorced a long time ago. Last year, when T.ATW's official Weibo put up a New Year's video clip, Gu Wei was spending New Year's at the dormitory. Back then, my heart already broke for him.

@Little Hedgehog's Lily of the Valley: Heartbreak +1, Gu Wei has never talked about his family or mental health publicly before. He carries all that by himself. Just a few days ago, when we were talking about Gu Wei possibly having clinical depression, Jiang Xun obviously went out of his way to draw attention away from the subject. He kept it from trending, and Gu Wei's agency probably did something behind the scenes to suppress it too. The topic went away real fast. We still wouldn't know anything about Gu Wei's troubles if it weren't for everything that's happened recently. On the other hand, there's a certain fame hog whose last name is Jiang… who shamelessly advertises himself as some poor little thing who was cast away by his last agency. It's obvious he changed agencies because he broke his contract himself!

@Little Hedgehog's Yaya: Ah, it's New Year's, I can't be bothered with Jiang Enyuan. Let's give him a few days off. Today, we'll just focus on loving Weiwei.

@Little Hedgehog's Arare: I'm bawling my eyes out. Our Weiwei is so good, so sweet, and he has nowhere to go for New Year's? Weiwei, you can come to my house for New Year's Eve.

@Little Hedgehog Grow Up Fast: #WeiweiComeToMyHouseNextYear, let me just dream about my idol coming to my house for New Year's for a minute.

The little hedgehogs were powerful. In no time at all, #WeiweiComeToMyHouseNextYear started trending.

Netizens who scrolled through Weibo while watching the New Year's Gala were all astounded.

[Why is my favorite gege trending now of all times?]

[What??? Gu Wei doesn't have anywhere to go for New Year's? Come to my house!]

[Don't get your hopes up, he's already been abducted by Jiang Xun. Look at Jiang Xun's Weibo.]

[As long as didi has somewhere to go, I'm happy. I can relax if he's at Jiang Xun's place. (Why does that make me relax?)]

[Our Gu Wei has such a good friend. I'm glad.]

Before long, Gu Wei made another post of his own—

@T.ATW-GuWei: Everyone, please focus on having a good New Year's with your families. Someone has taken me in this year. [CryingLaughing.jpg]

@JiangYingKANI: @T.ATW-GuWei, wow, you're going head to head with the New Year's Gala on the trending topics list.

@A Shadow Who Loves Jiang Ying: @JiangYingKANI, Jiang Ying, come home right now! Are you two still rivals or not?

After dinner, the whole family watched a bit of the New Year's Gala together. Sounds of chatter and laughter filled up the house. Gu Wei and Jiang Ying both had to head to the TV station early the next day for rehearsals, so the two of them retired early and washed up for bed.

"Come here." Jiang Ying flung open the door to Jiang Xun's room and gestured for Gu Wei to come out.

Gu Wei cocked his head curiously.

"Put your hand out," Jiang Ying said cryptically.

Gu Wei cocked his head in the other direction.

Then he held out one hand and watched as Jiang Ying placed a little box in the center of his palm. Jiang Ying gave him a meaningful pat on the shoulder after that, then turned and walked away without another word.

Gu Wei stared, speechless.

"Jiang Ying was here?" Jiang Xun asked, appearing from behind Gu Wei.

"Yeah…" Gu Wei swiftly hid the incriminating object in his hand behind his back.

"What are you hiding?" Jiang Xun reached out and caught Gu Wei's wrist, tugging his hand out and prying his fingers open one by one, revealing the box in his hand.

"…he gave it to me," Gu Wei said.

It's not mine.

"Got it." Jiang Xun took the box and tossed it into the drawer of the nightstand by his bed. When he turned around, he saw Gu Wei had visibly relaxed. So of course he added, "You're letting your guard down already? What if I just didn't plan on using one?"

Gu Wei tensed up again with an obvious look of shock and alarm.

He hadn't considered that at all. He quickly took two big steps back, opening up a safe distance between them.

"Okay, I won't tease you anymore," Jiang Xun said. "You're performing tomorrow night, and everyone knows you're staying at my place tonight. If you don't have much energy tomorrow, all your little fans will come after me."

Gu Wei hesitantly shuffled back into the room.

"Besides, Mom said I'm not allowed to bully you. She says our engagement has to be meaningful. She says it has to be properly celebrated," Jiang Xun said. "How does Weiwei want to celebrate?"

This talk about a 'proper' celebration, coming from Jiang Xun, quickly began to sound very, very improper. At the end of his rope, Gu Wei had no choice but to dive under the covers and bundle himself up, refusing to stick even his head out.

"You won't talk to me anymore?" Jiang Xun tugged at the tight ball of blankets next to him, but Gu Wei refused to emerge.

"I won't, I won't," Gu Wei said, his voice muffled by the blankets. "Go read a Bible."

"You're really taking advantage of the fact that I won't touch you tonight," Jiang Xun mused as he turned off the lights. "Go to sleep."


The New Year's gala hosted by CoconutTV always featured extremely popular or topical performers. That year, T.ATW had seen an unprecedented growth in popularity. They were scheduled as the third-to-last performance of the night.

"I wanna go home and set off some fireworks," Shi Xinyan droned. He had his chin propped up on one hand, and he was clearly bored out of his mind.

"Oh, me too," Gu Wei said.

"Just wait until you're washed out. Next year or something. Then you can go home and set off fireworks," Chi Yunkai said. "I still worry about becoming a washout all the time."

Shi Xinyan fell silent.

"None of you will get a chance to go home and set off fireworks in the next few years." Fu Zhi pointed at the monitor in front of them.

They were already backstage, where they could see the cameras pan over the audience on a television screen. Countless illuminated banners and flags lit up the crowd, and every single one was declaring support for T.ATW. Although they joked about being a 'little losers club', T.ATW's popularity was undeniably on the rise.

"CoconutTV didn't invite Jiang Enyuan to perform this year," Luo Chenxuan said. "Just a few days ago, his biggest fans were saying Jiang Enyuan didn't want to perform for CoconutTV anyway. Those fans of his are really ready to die with him. You just can't tear them apart."

"His fans are probably waiting for his new show to bring his popularity back up. Pfft, that old period drama with the special effects that look like they cost five cents? It's being advertised as a show with hot and talented actors." Chi Yunkai scoffed derisively. "But our Weiwei's new drama is coming out soon too. When the time comes, they'll be judged by their true abilities."

"But I'm not necessarily as popular as he is," Gu Wei said.

"That's fine. There are five of us, and God Xun sometimes makes a guest appearance in our lives. We'll all help you promote your show," Fu Zhi said. "Jiang Enyuan only has himself, but you haven't been alone in a very long time."

Since it was a New Year's performance, T.ATW's costumes for the night were primarily red. Each costume was unique in its own way, tailored to the performer. As the moving platform began to rise towards the stage, cheers and screams rippled through the crowd.

Under the lights and special effects that washed over the stage, Gu Wei's dance choreography was more fluid and breathtaking than ever. Jiang Xun, sitting in the front row of the audience, had to admit Gu Wei was never more dazzling than he was on stage.

Gu Wei adjusted the mic next to his cheek while Chi Yunkai performed his solo rap. As soon as Chi Yunkai finished, Gu Wei faced the audience with a handsome aura about him. He pointed into the front row and began to sing his own verse—

"Love you, love you…"

The live broadcast cameras swept over the front row of the crowd, catching sight of Jiang Xun, who was holding a lit-up banner. The energy in the audience spiked to brand new heights in that moment.

When he noticed the camera lingering on him, Jiang Xun turned and waved his glowing banner at the lens.

This was one of the little hedgehogs' support banners. And the banner just so happened to say, in bright neon letters:

[Weiwei, love you.]

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