Chapter 84: Special Guest…?

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Suddenly, #JiangXunAndGuWeiNewYearTrip began to trend.

@KikiandChuchu: Wow, this tag… are we sure it's a New Year's trip and not a honeymoon?

@Little Hedgehog's Sunny Doll: Hard to say. My vote is for honeymoon.

@Has Jiang Enyuan Apologized Yet: Why are you two shipping out here? We agreed to keep a low profile. [CryingLaughing.jpg] But I guess it doesn't matter. Jiang Xun has never been low-profile about this, and Gu Wei has never denied it either.

@Sutang: Plus, have you guys noticed that Gu Wei's agency used to insist Gu Wei and Jiang Xun were just good friends? But his agency hasn't said anything recently. And what does that silence mean? It means they're admitting these two have something going on, my friends.

@Little Cookie: @Sutang, it could also be that Gu Wei's whole agency couldn't defeat Jiang Xun, so they just gave up, lolololol.

@Big Rubber Duck: If there's something going on, then there's something going on. In this day and age, who can stop them from dating?

@User756785327: Yep, if he wants to date, he should just go and date. Gu Wei should have gone down this path and ruined his career ages ago.

@Little Hedgehog Grow Up Fast: @User756785327, excuse me, but none of us are chasing Gu Wei because we want him to be our boyfriend. He's free to date anyone he wants. Most of us here are mom fans or fans of his work. We only care about Gu Wei's upcoming drama. Everyone please be sure to talk about #LikeTheMoonGuWei lots and get it trending!

@Little Hedgehog's Arare: I'm so happy. I never thought I would see Weiwei just by taking a trip to some tiny little village. I didn't go up to him at the bar, of course, but I wished them a happy new year from afar.

@Little Hedgehog's Edible Crab: @Little Hedgehog's Arare, that's very lucky, sister.

@Little Hedgehog's Arare: @Little Hedgehog's Edible Crab, oh, Sister Edible Crab. [smirk.jpg]

@Very Little Hedgehog: As long as Weiwei is happy, we're happy. The little hedgehogs will always support him.

@Sesame Crisp: This ship really sails itself. We don't even need to go looking for food. We just open our mouths, and it falls right in. And when we feel like it, we can even go out and find some snacks ourselves.

The video of Gu Wei singing at Xu Yan's club continued to spread, and Xu Yan's club really did become popular just like that.

Just as Jiang Xun had said, countless fans visited the bar the next day. But Jiang Xun and Gu Wei had already left the town that morning.

Gu Wei checked in on T.ATW's group chat and saw that the name had been changed yet again. This time, to [Concert = $$$$$$].

[The Sun At Dawn]: I really envy you people who get a break.

[Fu Zhi]: Enjoy your vacation. I have a feeling you guys will be just like us next year. No time off.

[The Sun At Dawn]: My New Year's wish is for the little losers group, T.ATW, to become more and more popular.

[Yunkai Sees Mooncakes]: We'll wait until next year to worry about next year. I'm going to enjoy this break for all it's worth. I won a shitload of money playing mahjong yesterday. My relatives are all shocked speechless, hahaha.

[If You Love Me Please Send Me Money]: ……

[stone]: A popular idol can get this excited about winning scraps at the mahjong table? Chi Yunkai, please buy yourself some dignity.

[Fu Zhi]: Weiwei, your drama is airing soon, isn't it? I'm looking forward to it.

[If You Love Me Please Send Me Money]: Nervous!

[Fu Zhi]: No need to be nervous. I know the director from your show, and he told me a while ago that you did a great job. You impressed him with your acting. Everyone will recognize your efforts.

The short New Year's break didn't last. Even before the 8th of the new year, Gu Wei was called back to work by his manager. Although Jiang Xun had retired from competitive esports, there was still a lot of business at the club that needed his attention. The two of them each had to go back to work after spending only a few precious days together.

Jiang Xun was obviously dissatisfied. "I think I was wrong to take things slow."

Gu Wei didn't understand what he meant by that. "Why?"

"I'm losing out by taking it slow," Jiang Xun said. "I haven't done any of the things I want to do to you, and you're already going back to work."

Gu Wei fell silent.

So, Jiang Xun was still talking about that. Jiang Xun hadn't lost out on anything these past few days. He was talking nonsense.

"Gu Weiwei." Jiang Xun had just dropped Gu Wei off at his agency. Before they parted ways, he stopped behind Gu Wei and whispered, "Do you know what I want to do the next time I see you?"

Gu Wei faltered. "…I know."

How could he not know.

"Then, what's your answer?" Jiang Xun persisted.

Gu Wei didn't give a direct answer. Instead, he lifted his hand, almost subconsciously, and brushed his ring against the corner of his lips. Looking up at Jiang Xun, his lips curved into a smile.

"Let's go," Mu Yue said urgently.

Jiang Xun watched Gu Wei disappear into the building, then heaved a sigh. "He's picked up some bad habits."


Gu Wei's first order of business after getting back to work was the press tour for Like the Moon. The reporters who had been blocked from talking to him for ages all eagerly bombarded him with their questions.

"This is the first drama you've been cast in. How did you feel about acting?"

"I like it a lot," Gu Wei said. "I became my character, but I wasn't him. I do bear some resemblances to Miao Zihan, so I think I can do a good job of portraying him."

"Did you experience any difficulties while filming?"

"There were definitely some difficulties. I'm very new to acting, after all. There are lots of tricks and techniques that I didn't know at first." Gu Wei smiled into the cameras. "But everyone on set helped me out a ton, and I overcame a lot of challenges. You'll be able to see the details in the behind-the-scenes highlights."

"Can you briefly tell us what this drama has contributed to your life?"

"I filmed this drama at a very important time in my life," Gu Wei said. "Important things happened both on screen and off screen. I met important people, and I had a lot of important experiences. This period of my life changed my way of thinking about many things, and I feel this was a period of growth for me."

The allocated time for Gu Wei's solo interview was almost up. A reporter threw out the question that everyone was dying to ask: "Weiwei, if you've been on Weibo lately, you know that everyone's been talking about you and your very good 'friend'. I'd like to ask, how would you define the relationship between you and this friend?"

The reporter sounded quite nervous while asking this question, but Gu Wei's assistant didn't do anything to stop it from being asked.

The 'friend' was obviously Jiang Xun.

"Let's give everyone a nice surprise," Gu Wei said into his microphone. He didn't outright answer the question, but he did add, cryptically, "When the drama airs, everyone can pay special attention to the middle of Miao Zihan's storyline. If you watch carefully, you might be pleasantly surprised."

When that interview aired, most people thought Gu Wei was just trying to promote his own character. They didn't pay close attention to his words and assumed he'd just avoided the question again.

But when the drama finally aired, the netizens who followed the show realized Gu Wei hadn't just been making empty promises!

The nice surprise Gu Wei had promised really was a nice surprise.

Once the trailer for the drama was released, the internet boiled over with enthusiasm. The trailer featured a theme song performed by popular singer Qian Yining, and it listed all the actors of the main characters. Then, the name of a special guest appeared—

Jiang Xun.

When the name of the special guest appeared, countless bullet comments streamed across the screen.

Before that point in the trailer, the comments had all been fans supporting their own favorite actor.

[Everyone please support our He Cheng! Our He Cheng did an amazing job in this drama~]

[Checking in! I've already subscribed to every channel that's airing this drama. Just waiting for Weiwei now.]

[Checking in~ I like the theme song. I'll be supporting Gu Wei. Take all my money!]

[Ah, ah, ahhhhh! Xuan Huitong! She really gives me the feeling of a maidenly young woman. No wonder she's getting more and more popular.]

[Here to support Ning Yao's new drama.]

[Book fan, checking in. Here to see if the adaptation is any good.]

When the name of the special guest flashed across the screen, everything changed.


[What did I just see? Special guest, Jiang Xun?]

[Holy shit! It really fucking is! I rewound a bit, and it really said Jiang Xun!!!]

[I'm about to scream. It can't be someone with the same name, can it?]

[The chances of it being someone with the exact same name are slim. Remember when Gu Wei was asked a question about Jiang Xun in his interview, and he told us to expect a nice surprise? This is it! This has to be the surprise!]

[@JiangXun, are you making a special appearance as a friend of the show? Or as a boyfriend of the show???]

[I also suspect this is about more than just friendship. An interviewer once asked Jiang Xun if he had any interest in acting, and Jiang Xun said he had no interest whatsoever. If he took this role, it must have been for love!]

[That director is way too good at keeping his mouth shut. We really didn't hear anything about this!]

[There's no way that director could have gotten Jiang Xun to do this on his own. Jiang Xun definitely did this for that 'very good friend' of his.]

[So Gu Wei wasn't avoiding the question during his interview, he was really giving us a sweet hint. We just didn't realize it in time! We're sorry, Weiwei. We'll enjoy the sweetness now!]

[Please release the show soon! 'FoodForXunWei' is waiting.]

Like the Moon was a popular novel in its own right, and the adaptation had been eagerly anticipated since long ago. The cast included a popular young actress, a famous internet celebrity, and now a 'nice surprise' as well. It swiftly became the show that all netizens were looking forward to the most.

Every member of T.ATW helped promote Like the Moon, and on the day it was broadcast, the show itself and the names of its main cast members all shot up to the top of the trending topics list. The 'special guest' Jiang Xun also shared the show's official broadcast announcement.

@TMW-Xun: DoraemonSurprise.jpg @LikeTheMoonOfficial: We've prepared a nice surprise for you. Have you spotted it yet?

After Jiang Xun shared that post, excitement for the show spiked even higher. Even viewers who had originally planned on waiting for reviews of the show to come out couldn't hold back from diving in with great enthusiasm.

[Ah, you're really in this? Then I'll go take a look.]

[You're making a cameo appearance? I really have to see this.]

[Book fan here. I highly recommend this show. I don't really feel anything from the male lead, but the supporting male actor is a perfect fit for Miao Zihan. He's attractive, and he can act. He's the ideal!]

[This is definitely watchable. The adaptation didn't make any weird changes, I think book fans will be satisfied. He Cheng seems like he's just there to waste space, but Xuan Huitong and Gu Wei do a great job of portraying their characters. Ning Yao did a pretty good job too. I can tell they all put their hearts into this. As a book fan, I'm pleased.]

[Agreed. Book fans don't really have tons of demands. We just want the adaptation to respect the original work.]

From Whence You Came, the period drama that Jiang Enyuan was starring in, and Like the Moon started airing on the same day. It was inevitable that the two series would be compared from day one, and in just one night, all the fans who'd spent the past two months talking up Jiang Enyuan's acting skills… were forced to shut their mouths.

Tabloids, naturally, seized the opportunity to run side-by-side comparisons of the two shows. The day after the two dramas aired, Jiang Enyuan had already been thoroughly torn apart.

Everyone in the industry knows Gu Wei and Jiang Enyuan are on bad terms, and now their new dramas are airing on the same day. The difference in their viewership numbers is staggering! How do you feel about this gap?

[Objectively speaking, the books that these two adaptations were based on are both pretty popular. The crew on both shows are made up of competent people. So how did 'From Whence You Came' fail so hard?]

[Really, I feel like the early stages of filming for 'From Whence You Came' went fine. But then so many new scandals involving Jiang Enyuan began to appear. He lost tons of fans, and he and his team still refused to apologize for anything. That must have really damaged his working relationships.]

[Gu Wei has a lot of scandals hanging over his head too, but he just got more and more popular.]

[Honestly, the publicity team for 'From Whence You Came' just couldn't keep up with 'Like the Moon'. I feel like Jiang Engyuan's team did as much as they could, but he didn't have enough fans left to really promote him and his work. Plus, Gu Wei's fans are just way, way, way too rich. They bought out the big billboard in the center of the city for a whole day. That thing charges for screen time by the second…]

[It's true what people say. Fans take after their idols. Jiang Enyuan's fans weren't rich enough to outspend Gu Wei, and they weren't fierce enough to win any feuds against Jiang Ying's fans.]

[Jiang Enyuan actually started out with an advantage. He's the male lead. Gu Wei was originally cast as the male lead in 'Like the Moon', wasn't he? But he was replaced and given a different role.]

[Jiang Enyuan doesn't have a group like T.ATW to support him. Those five, combining their powers… it's pretty intimidating. Fu Zhi and Luo Chenxuan are A-listers. They could make any crappy drama popular if they promoted it, and this drama isn't crappy at all.]

[Everyone in T.ATW definitely dotes on Gu Wei. Can I be honest for a sec? I never believed that Gu Wei copied Jiang Enyuan's choreography.]

['Like the Moon' also got a popularity boost from Jiang Xun. Everyone on Team TMW is promoting it too… ah, but really, 'From Whence' did this to themselves. They basically ran into an iron wall. If they'd aired a few days later or a few days earlier, they might have been fine, but they just had to air on the same day as 'Like the Moon'.]

[Jiang Enyuan's drama is set to flop, huh? The script isn't great either.]

[His acting is really… stiff and forced, right? I used to think he and Gu Wei would be pretty evenly matched when it came to acting talent, but Gu Wei really surprised me. He's obviously super dedicated to his role.]

[Between the two of them, I'm way more interested in seeing if Gu Wei can turn himself into a popular actor. I've waited so long for him to get a shot at the spotlight.]

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