Chapter 15: He's Only an Idol When He Doesn't Talk

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As one of the most popular young women in the entire entertainment industry, Xuan Huitong had no shortage of experience when it came to putting on a good show. She took over as the host of their program, chatting with their viewers about a few interesting stories to set a nice and lively atmosphere for their stream.

After their initial wave of delight over the start of the program, a few netizens noticed that someone was missing.

[Goddess Huihui, didn't they say there would be four people?]

[Hmmm, where's our Little Ying!!! His shadows are waiting for him.]

[Quick! Please let us see our gege.]

[Haha, I knew something was missing. The king of feuds isn't here. It's not lively enough.]

[I just saw that old video of his feud with some vlogger. Classic.]

"Your gege is resting right over here," Xuan Huitong said. She held up her cell phone and pushed open the door to the neighboring room. "Shall I conduct an interview with the big, bad antagonist of 'An Auspicious Snow'?"

She turned to Jiang Ying and promptly fell silent.

Jiang Ying was curled up on the sofa, sleeping soundly. His cell phone had tumbled over onto the rug, and he was still cradling a half-full cup of milk tea.

"Sorry, sorry," Assistant Chen whispered from off to the side. "I took my eyes off him for two seconds. I didn't think he would fall asleep so fast."

"It's okay, the livestream just started," Xuan Huitong said. She pointed the camera away from Jiang Ying and whispered to the other cast members, "Someone wake him up."

[Is that Jiang Ying? He looks like such a nice kid when he's asleep.]

[Awww, cute. I'm a fan now.]

[Ahhhhhh, gege's sleeping face and posture! He's too cute, he looks like such a good boy. I feel alive again.]

[My idol is so warm and trusting. He can fall asleep anywhere he goes.]

[Hoooly crap, I suddenly understand why he's an idol. When he doesn't talk, he's hot as hell. CryingIntoHands.jpg]

[Pffft, fuck off. A nice kid? A good boy? Hey, you commenters up there. You haven't seen him cuss someone out, have you? Sure, he looks like an idol when he doesn't talk. But when he talks, he's a beast.]

[As a long-time shadow, I urge everyone who's a fan of Jiang Ying's face to take a screenshot right now.]

[Assistant Chen, the idol is sneaking a cup of milk tea. Does he care about his figure or not?]

[Can we just let him sleep?]

Although Xuan Huitong had covered up the lens, the livestream didn't stop. Inevitably, people who just didn't like Jiang Ying popped up in the chat to drag him for this and that.

[I still can't figure out why a great drama like 'An Auspicious Snow' would cast a guy like this. Look, he's even slacking off during a livestream.]

[He has no work ethic. I really can't support a guy like this.]

[He's dragging everyone else down. The energy in here is going bad real fast.]

Of course, a good number of shadows were watching the same stream. There was no way they would allow this slander to pass uncontested. Soon enough, the bullet comments turned into a warzone.

"He slept too late last night," Qi Zhu said. "It's my fault for being late today. We didn't set a firm time for the start of the stream."

Assistant Chen looked like he was at the end of his rope. He really hadn't imagined Jiang Ying could just fall asleep anywhere. "It's my mistake for not getting him ready."

A horde of Jiang Ying's shadows were still wailing in the bullet comments about how good their gege looked. Qi Zhu swept his gaze over the couch, then said, "I urge you all to cherish this moment."

Jiang Ying stirred from his deep sleep when he heard voices around him. When he blearily blinked open his eyes, the first person he saw was Qi Zhu.

Qi Zhu was dressed even more fancily than he'd been dressed last night. From the tips of his toes to every strand of hair on top of his head, he exuded an energy that said 'High-Class, S-Grade, Luxury Goods'.

Jiang Ying hugged his cup of milk tea and groggily sat up. "Wow, Class Monitor, why are you dressed up like a Christmas tree today?"

Qi Zhu said nothing.

Xuan Huitong's perfect public persona finally cracked. She stifled a laugh behind her hand.

In the livestream room—


[I knew it…]

[I miss the him from thirty seconds ago. Can someone please knock him out again?]

[Fuck, now I know why Qi Zhu told us to cherish that moment. It really didn't last.]

[I'm sorry. I want to laugh.]

[Jiang Ying, shut uppppppppp. Our gege looks so good right now. How could he be a Christmas tree?]

"We're live," Yin Jiayu mouthed near-silently.

"Oh, the livestream already started?" Jiang Ying sat up a little straighter, still only half-awake. "Hey, everyone."

As soon as he woke up, the two accounts that had been dissing him in the bullet comments instantly disappeared.

"Little Ying, are you sure you're awake?" Qi Zhu asked.

"Couldn't be awaker," Jiang Ying insisted. Upon learning Qi Zhu would be joining them on the show, he'd picked out one of his best outfits before leaving his place that morning. When he sat up properly, he looked good.

[Our Jiang Little Ying is dressed a bit differently today. He looks more mature than usual.]

[Yeah, yeah, yeah! He usually wears white, which makes him look like such a cute and innocent student. But he looks so handsome in these darker shades!]

Satisfied by those comments, Jiang Ying flashed the camera a grin. Then he glanced over at Qi Zhu.

[Not to start anything, but are you male idols all like this? Look at Goddess Huihui. She's wearing her everyday clothes. Why do you two look like you're ready to walk down a red carpet?]

[Li Mao Station is the biggest winner today.]

[Correction, our Qi Zhu isn't an idol. He's a proper actor.]

[So what if they dressed up? They look good. 'nough said.]

[Why do I feel like they're competing over something?]

[You'll get used to that feeling. They're always like this.]

"Let's start with a few questions," Xuan Huitong said, getting back down to business. "Some are from the viewers, and some have been prepared for us by the program."

"Sure, fire away," Jiang Ying said. As he spoke, the fine silver chains on his coat pocket shifted and clinked softly.

"First question. Why do you like fighting with people on Weibo?" Xuan Huitong began. "This question comes from netizen 'If You Love Me Please Send Me Money'."

"Oh, sure. First of all, I don't like fighting," Jiang Ying said. "Secondly, I rarely go out looking for fights. People attack me, and I fight back. It's self-defense. Third, this viewer's ID looks kinda familiar to me."

"You don't like fighting?" Qi Zhu asked from next to him.

The bullet comments never stopped and only picked up speed following Jiang Ying's answer.

[I don't believe it. You really don't like fighting?]

[I mean, tbh, I started being his fan because of his fighting skills. But he's not unreasonable. Although he fights a lot, he doesn't go around dissing people for no reason.]

[Pffffft, I'm dying over here. Have you guys noticed that Jiang Ying and Qi Zhu squabble more with each other than they do with anyone else?]

"Then let's move on to the second question," Xuan Huitong said, flipping to her next card. "This one comes from netizen 'TMW-Sunny'. As an idol and public figure, don't you feel petty when you bicker with people over every little thing?"

"Nope, I don't feel petty, I am petty," Jiang Ying proudly declared. "If I don't fight back when someone attacks me, I can be pissed for days. I wake up pissed every morning, I go to bed pissed every night. If I have to keep thinking about all the things I should've said, then I figure I should just say everything up-front and get it out of the way."

[That's right, our gege is petty. And we like him just the way he is.]

[So he's really just like that. joy.jpg]

There were people who liked Jiang Ying's personality, and naturally there were people who couldn't stand him. But Jiang Ying basically didn't care what other people thought of him.

"Actually, I was a kinda fat kid. I'll show you all a picture sometimes," Jiang Ying continued. "But other kids would bully me in kindergarten, and I would just cry. Then someone told me if someone dissed me, I should diss them right back. That way, I wouldn't leave angry or frustrated. I tried it once, and it really worked. It just made sense. Why was it anyone's business if I was fat, anyway? Not like I was eating their family's food."

"Last question," Xuan Huitong said. "Do you know about this 'Fight!' app?"

"Sure, I've seen it trending," Jiang Ying said. His expression remained unchanging.

"Then," Xuan Huitong continued, "do you know about 'Boss Crab', a pretty famous user on that app?"

Jiang Ying froze for a second.

"…sorta," he answered after a beat.

"Okay, good." Xuan Huitong smiled. "Here's the question, and please answer directly. If you and 'Boss Crab' had a head-to-head battle, who do you think would win?"

Jiang Ying fell silent.

Then: "Who asked that?!"

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