Chapter 66: The Relationship District's Denizens Are Seeking Refuge

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[Got it, got it, got it! LittleChickenNods.jpg]

[Tsk, this attitude. This strength. That's definitely him.]

[I totally buy it now. This sort of idol who isn't afraid to fight back against tabloids really does exist.]

[Wait, did he just casually diss Little Qi-zong for being a little chubster? Hahahaha.]

[Little Qi-zong, do you have a lot of questions right now?]

[Little Qi-zong: You say you don't blame me for what happened, but in your heart you still haven't forgotten to seek revenge. Hahahaha.]

[Hm? Did he just call Qi Zhu 'gege'?! Ah, ah, ah, AHHHHHHHH, what did I just hear, what did I just hear! My idol can really be so sweet and so fierce at the same time!]

[Holy fuck, their relationship is escalating again. We got a 'gege' here.]

[Everyone else is too afraid to diss you, but your Qi-gege is too doting to diss you.]

"It's just what I call him. It's already a habit by now," Jiang Ying said when he saw everyone's live reactions. "But I usually call him Class Monitor. I only address him like this when I'm in a good mood.

"And it'd be some weird miracle if he were too doting to diss me. You guys go watch the behind-the-scenes highlights of our drama when you get a chance. You'll see how fierce he is. He'll scold me the second my expression is a teensy bit off."

After Jiang Ying finished snitching, the livestream interview ended. Overall, Jiang Ying was pretty satisfied. First, he'd managed to use CoconutTV's platform to declare that he definitely wouldn't give up his account. After successfully protecting his 'Fight!' account, he went on to menace those tabloids that persistently attacked him.

Netizens were pretty satisfied too. They were pleased to see Jiang Ying flaunt his true nature and fighting spirit. At the same time, some of them were also thrilled to discover that their ship seemed very, very possibly real.


That tag was gradually being nudged towards the trending topics list by viewers of the CoconutTV interview.

@A Lemon Tree Growing Deep In A Great Mountain: #MyShipMightBeCanon# What a nice surprise. Where did this tag suddenly come from? It really is such a good ship. It's all candy. All day, every day.

A portion of her fans were keen to know how she could still be into the ship after fighting with her idol and even chatting privately with him. She must have gained some deeper insight into her idol's life. Could that ship still sail?

@A Lemon Tree Growing Deep In A Great Mountain: Why wouldn't I ship it? It's even more shippable now, you know? I'm shipping it so much that it's about to break my brain. I don't need to drink, I don't need to eat, I don't even need to fight. This ship is all I need.

A portion of her fans—

[Terrified.jpg Could this ship… be REAL?!]

Little Qi-zong sulkily kept a low profile for a few days until he was summoned by mass amounts of netizens once more, alerting him of the vengeful jab Jiang Ying had taken at him during that interview.

@GuapiMedia-LittleQiZong: @JiangYingKANI You little motherless shit. I'm not done with you. Say what you said to my face again.

@JiangYingKANI: @ScreenwriterSongJingxi Mom, Little Qi-zong wants to talk to you.

@GuapiMedia-LittleQiZong: @ScreenwriterSongJingxi Hello, auntie. It's nothing. Jiang Ying and I are just messing around, auntie. Don't worry. NervousSweat.jpg

Filming on 'An Auspicious Snow' had finally wrapped. After it went through post-production, it would be ready for broadcast. The drama had been highly anticipated ever since it was announced. Netizens had started talking it up before filming even began. The crew assured everyone that they would get the show edited and approved as quickly as possible.

Jiang Ying finally got the little vacation of his dreams. He didn't have any work lined up for a while, but Qi Zhu did. After 'An Auspicious Snow' wrapped, Qi Zhu had to rush out to D City right away for reshoots of some scenes from the movie he'd filmed earlier.

Jiang Ying had nothing else to do, so he followed Qi Zhu there.

"Qi-laoshi brought his family on set?" a member of the crew joked.

"You could call it that. I don't need any special treatment, I'll just wait for him in his room," Jiang Ying said. He wandered around the set for a while and declined the crew's offer to set him up with his own room. He was well within his rights to make himself at home in Qi Zhu's room, after all.

When Jiang Ying worked, he usually worked nonstop. And life on the set of his drama had been hectic as well. Now that he suddenly had so much free time on his hands, he found that he couldn't get used to it. He even told his assistant, who was currently on vacation, exactly how weird it felt.

"Actually, you have a lot on your schedule," his assistant said. "Your manager has a bunch of scripts waiting for you, and…"

"Oh, my phone is out of battery."

After quickly hanging up, Jiang Ying grabbed Qi Zhu's charger and plugged his own phone in. Their phones were the same model. In terms of electronics, they had pretty similar tastes.

Jiang Ying launched the 'Fight!' app.

[Anxious Crab]: I'm so bored. Wanna fight?

[Little Lemon]: You don't have work?

[Anxious Crab]: Just finished shooting the drama. Not much left for me to do. This crab is currently in standby mode.

[Little Lemon]: Oh? Where have you gone to waste time this time, sir?

[Anxious Crab]: Went with Qi Zhu.

[Little Lemon]: So that would be considered… visiting the set?

[Anxious Crab]: It would be considered 'bring your family to work' day, I guess.

[Little Lemon]: LittleDinoSweats.jpg

[Anxious Crab]: Ai, do you want to fight or not?

[Little Lemon]: I'm in class. Go play by yourself, kiddo.

[Anxious Crab]: Ugh, I'm not a fan of this. I can't even find someone to fight me?

On the forums of A University—

Live News: During a morning class in the languages building, a certain female student suddenly let out a groundhog shriek. We suspect the pressure got to her. Students are requesting that morning classes start a little later in the day, to alleviate the pressure on them.

Little Lemon was in class, and sunny was training. What about Jiang Ying's apprentice-didi?

[Anxious Crab]: Apprentice-didi, are you there? Are you there, apprentice-didi? If you aren't, I'll try again later.

[Anxious Crab]: Ready for your final lesson?

It seemed his apprentice wasn't there. Jiang Ying decided to take that opportunity to nudge a certain foreigner who'd downloaded the app as a Chinese-learning tool.

[Anxious Crab]: Hello, sir. Friend. It's me. Ogre Jiang.

[Anxious Crab]: Send me a screenshot of Qi Zhu's 'Fight!' profile, I want to take a look.

[Anxious Crab]: You said he made an account, right? I'm super curious.

As it turned out, 'Fight!' really was dead early in the morning on weekdays. Not many people were online at all, and even fewer high-ranked players were available. Jiang Ying couldn't find a match against anyone on his level, and he couldn't even find anyone to chat with.

And so, a certain lovey-dovey subject fights category caught a certain someone's attention. That certain someone finally sank their evil claws into the 'Fight!' app's romance category.

When Little Lemon got out of class, she heard from a fellow member of the debate club that tragedy had befallen the 'Fight!' app's romance district. The denizens had come under fierce attack.

"Huh? The romance district?" Little Lemon was shocked. "Who invaded?"

"Someone called Anxious Crab," the debate club member lamented. "The regulars who play in the romance category are on the run and seeking refuge now."

The club member let out a contemptuous sigh. "A hotshot from the Top 10, suddenly storming into the romance district to pick on weaklings… despicable."

Little Lemon blinked. "…what the fuck?"

On the 'Fight!' forums, the matter was already being debated nonstop.


Everyone knew by now that Boss Crab had changed his username. No one knew what he'd experienced to make him go on a rampage in the romance category, but he'd spent that morning destroying a great many people in there.

1: We can't really say he did anything wrong. He's free to play in any category he wants.

2: That's right. It's just that most of us formidable trolls are single dogs. The fighting power in the romance district is, on average, weaker.

3: And that isn't Boss Crab's fault, alright? He just suddenly wanted to play around in the romance district for a while.

4: See, that's what makes me curious. Why… did he suddenly want to play around in the romance district? Terrified.jpg

[Little Lemon]: Coward Crab, what do you think you're doing?

[Little Lemon]: Crab?

Qi Zhu didn't have many scenes to reshoot, but the director and the cast of that movie were all in pursuit of perfection. By the time he finished for the day and returned to his room, Jiang Ying had curled up and fallen asleep in bed.

Jiang Ying had dozed off while playing on his phone, and his cell phone screen was still lit up. New messages were still appearing. He was sprawled out on top of the sheets, and the hem of his shirt had ridden up a little when he turned onto his side. He must have felt cold, because he'd wrapped Qi Zhu's jacket around himself.

[Anxious Crab]: Sorry. He fell asleep.

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