Chapter 71: Master-Apprentice Betrayal? Exposed?!

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In-game forums of the 'Fight!' app—

Little Lemon deletes Anxious Crab from friends list. Renouncing her status as a diehard fan? [HOT]

See subject.

1: As fucking if. Renouncing her fan status? No way, just look at her Weibo. It looks to me like she struck gold while mining for ship content, and she's over there shipping all by herself. Hiding it, hoarding it, not sharing with everyone else.

2: Nothing wrong with a fan taking after their idol. Little Lemon is living an enlightened life too. She's saying screw chasing idols, she's becoming a dedicated shipper instead. This fan base, from the idol to the fans, is full of enlightened people living openly and honestly, hahaha.

3: She can't possibly stop being a fan. If it were me, I wouldn't be able to stop either. Being Jiang Ying's fan is way too interesting.

4: Let me try to sort out the logic here. Jiang Ying skipped work today. Anxious Crab cut off his master-apprentice relationship. They only maintained their post-graduation master-apprentice bond for one night. And Qi Zhu subbed for Jiang Ying at work today. This is… a lot to process.

5 (Little Lemon): What're you all dragging me for? I'm dizzy from shipping too much. You should all take a page out of my book. Learn from me, that's what's best for both fans and idols.

6: Pah, just look at her. It's obvious now. Little Great Mountain is definitely hiding some ship content and enjoying it all by herself.

7: Slightly off-topic, but this master-apprentice thing… it's not too weird for him to break off that relationship, right? We all know what he's like. Lots of people dislike him. He loves fighting and gossiping, and he's seriously into stealing work from tabloids. Who knows? Maybe his apprentice was an anti-fan?

Although it was a weekday, the forums were especially lively. Before long, a new thread shot up to the top of the boards.

Final results of the ranking tournament are out! Will you guys be attending the meet-and-greet? [NEW]

OP wants to know what you little trolls look like, hehehe.

1: I'm ranked pretty low, but I'll still go to the meet-and-greet to get in on the commotion.

2 (Little Lemon): I'll go, I have time, hahahaha. Pass me the mic, I'll diss all of you live.

3: ……

4 (sunny): I have a tournament that day. If you want to see me, please follow TMW and spam 'sunny is awesome' in the comments, thanks.

5 (Anxious Crab): Heh, I'm not going.

6: Previous poster, have you resolved your master-apprentice conflict yet?

The problem had not, in fact, been resolved. Qi Zhu was too good at leading the subject astray. The first two or three times Jiang Ying tried to bring it up, Qi Zhu somehow steered them back onto the subject of 'Do you love me or not?'

After that, Jiang Ying gave up on debating the matter.

"No more. Let's not fight about that anymore," Jiang Ying said, after his final failed attempt to hash out the issue of Qi Zhu's secret identity. "Why didn't I realize sooner that you had so much potential? You won't bully others, you'll only bully me?"

"You flatter me," Qi Zhu said mildly. "You taught me well. A real fighter can even make good use of punctuation and word choice. That was something you told me yourself."

Jiang Ying was silent.

True. Very true. He did say that.

In the end, the two parties declared a ceasefire and decided not to bring up the subject again. They took their time to rest and recuperate.


Jiang Ying spent all morning dozing in bed. When he slept, he didn't really feel anything, but when he woke, his stomach felt pretty hungry.

He originally planned on going into the kitchen to see what he could find to eat, but he overestimated himself. When he wrapped himself up in the covers and leapt out of bed, he nearly dropped to his knees and crumpled to the floor. In the end, he was bundled up by Qi Zhu and carried back into bed.

"Not having to go to work is great," Jiang Ying mumbled as he cocooned himself in the covers again. He leaned against the headboard, opening his mouth every so often to let Qi Zhu feed him with a spoon. As he ate, he muttered, "Thanks to you, I've become a useless crab."

"Who talks so much while they eat?" Qi Zhu chided. He set down the spoon. "It's just an endless stream of blah-blah-blah with you. Didn't I tire you out enough last night?"

"Do you have work tonight?" Jiang Ying asked, willfully ignoring Qi Zhu's words. "Your schedule is pretty full, isn't it?"

"I pushed everything back." Qi Zhu got up and cleared the dishes from the nightstand. "I'll become useless with you."

"As you should. You act because of your dreams, and I act because of my mom. Acting isn't living in the moment for either of us, and why shouldn't we live in the moment?" A certain someone threw out that line of fallacious reasoning, wiped his mouth, and squirmed under the blankets again, perfectly epitomizing the word 'lazy'.

After settling in and rolling onto his side, he opened Weibo and shared one of his earlier posts.

@JiangYingKANI: It came true. Really works. Everyone should share this. SlightSmile.jpg @JiangYingKANI: PrayerHands.jpg @Good Luck Koi: Share this post and you'll definitely encounter good luck within the next three months.

Comment 1: Ahh, ahhhhh, ahhhhhh, gege! Why didn't you go to work today? That pig Qi Zhu didn't say anything.

Comment 2: I'll share it, I'll share it, I'll share it. I'll do anything Boss Crab says.

Comment 3: Can I draw everyone's attention to the main point? He used a slight smile emoji. Don't share it, this is definitely a cursed koi.

Comment 4: What kind of 'good luck' did he encounter? Is he really trying to pick a fight with the good luck koi? That's my idol for you, I guess. He can feud with anyone and anything.

@QiZhu: Doge.jpg It came true. Really works. Everyone should share this. @JiangYingKANI: It came true. Really works. Everyone should share this. SlightSmile.jpg @JiangYingKANI: PrayerHands.jpg @Good Luck Koi: Share this post and you'll definitely encounter good luck within the next three months.

Comment 5: ???

Comment 6: Are these two together right now? Otherwise, how could they share the same post at the same time? What are they doing?

Comment 7: Who should I believe? Is this good luck koi effective or not?

Comment 8: Don't be naive, this isn't a matter of whether or not you should believe in the koi. It's a matter of whether or not you should ship this ship.

@GuapiMedia-LittleQiZong: @JiangYingKANI, @QiZhu CryingBuckets.jpg What are you two doing? I almost lost my one true love today, do you know that?

@A Lemon Tree Growing Deep In A Great Mountain: Ship. Definitely ship it. Ship it until you're dizzy. Ah, enjoying exclusive ship content is so nice. I'm too lucky. Really, really.


It was the end of the month, and the 'Fight!' tournament had come to a close. The official rankings were announced, and the meet-and-greet was scheduled. The event organizers invited everyone who had even a bit of popularity in the app. With all those like-minded players getting together, it was sure to be a fun gathering.

Jiang Ying was busy with work. He obviously couldn't attend an event like that. After finishing the shooting of 'An Auspicious Snow', his agency and his team decided to let him transition from an idol to a proper actor. They didn't take any more variety shows or idol dramas for him. Instead, they set their sights on bigger productions that would appeal to a wider audience.

Jiang Ying spent every day cooped up at his agency, skimming through script after script until he was dizzy. He could only use the small breaks between his work hours to check out the livestream of the meet-and-greet.

[Little Lemon]: Idol, look at me. I'm about to go on stage.

[Anxious Crab]: ? Did you forget that we aren't friends anymore?

[Little Lemon]: I was just thinking of your happiness and well-being.

[Little Lemon]: Please allow me to continue enjoying exclusive ship content, thank you. Everyone else can enjoy the candy they dig up themselves. Mine is delivered directly to me by the parties involved. How nice.

[Anxious Crab]: SpitsInEveryDirection.jpg

Little Lemon had a head of long hair that reached her waist, curling lightly at the ends. She wore a delicate face of makeup and walked onto the little stage at the meet-and-greet in her skinny high heels. She opened her mouth and talked and talked, all by herself, for half an hour. By the end of it, everyone in the audience was staring dazedly up at her, despondent.

Jiang Ying cupped his phone in his hands and laughed out loud.

"Lastly, I'd like to say a few words on behalf of Coward Crab." Little Lemon paused for two seconds, then took a small card out of her pocket. She changed her tone as she read out, "'I told you guys you would have to buy tickets to see me, and you didn't believe me. Hehe.'"

Little Lemon read that 'hehe' in a completely flat and unemotional tone. Jiang Ying felt like she totally failed to convey his spirit, which was a shame, but a commotion rippled through the crowd nonetheless.

"'I'll continue welcoming all challengers who have the balls to fight me,'" Little Lemon went on, reading from that card. "'And while I have your attention, here's a little commercial: Please allow me to trouble you to support 'An Auspicious Snow' when it airs. It should be pretty good. Thank you.'"

All the fighters at the meet-and-greet agreed to at least give the drama a five-star rating, seeing as Anxious Crab went out of his way to air a commercial at a place like this, but whether or not they would subscribe remained to be seen.

The official 'Fight!' Weibo account put out a post to commemorate the event.

@FightWeiboOfficial: Photos from the event are here! Little Lemon-jiejie @A Lemon Tree Growing Deep In A Great Mountain is way too beautiful, and she even brought a message from @JiangYingKANI with her. We sent out lots of invitations, and many people turned up at the event. We hope everyone has a great time at the meet-and-greet!

Comment 1: I'm there. Little Lemon knocked us all out with her words. She just finished. No one is talking now. Absolute. Silence.

Comment 2 (from @JiangYingKANI): Tip her!

Comment 3 (from @QiZhu): You didn't invite me. [screenshot of user info]

Username: Fighter3357868 | Account Age: 150 days | Previous Master: Anxious Crab

@FightWeiboOfficial: ?! You're on our app, sir?!

@JiangYingKANI: ??? Trying to steal the spotlight?

All Other Fighters: ???

The mysterious Fighter3357868 who had once been discussed on the in-game forums for a month straight… suddenly surfaced, becoming the center of attention once more—

[Fighter3357868? Isn't this the apprentice who Anxious Crab just broke up with?]

[SHOCK! It was Qi Zhu? Hahahaha, can you celebrities keep your distance from the lives of us ordinary people? Why have you all infiltrated our ranks? You guys blend in way too well.]

[Some people seem so cold and disaffected on the surface, but secretly use the 'Fight!' app?]

[This account has never fought much before. Qi-laoshi must have ulterior motives.]

[He definitely has ulterior motives. Even if I shut off my brain and think with my toes, I could figure out that he didn't come to fight. He must have been looking for Jiang Ying… ah, I really want to sneak a peek at their chat logs!]

[I'm dying of laughter. What are these celebrities up to? Each one of them has a more interesting life than the last. I can't believe they're playing hide-and-seek on this app of ours.]

[Secret identities? Betraying his master? Exposed?! Let's all guess exactly what happened that night. Come to the forums, let's map out everything that's gone down, one event at a time. Could we be looking at a secret liaison?]

[Is this a case of one fierce fighter attracting an even fiercer opponent? Qi Zhu already graduated. He must have learned a lot. And their master-apprentice relationship was severed. Could it be that the student has become the master? I think I understand everything now, thanks.]

@A Lemon Tree Growing Deep In A Great Mountain: Screaming.jpg No, stop, stop, wahhhhhhhh, isn't it enough for me to enjoy this candy by myself? QAQ

"Still online?" Qi Zhu knocked on the office door and took off his sunglasses as he entered.

Jiang Ying was in the middle of comforting Little Lemon, who was about to lose her privilege of being the only one to enjoy a certain piece of candy. All sorts of scripts were piled up on the couch around him. When he heard Qi Zhu's voice, he looked up right away.

"Taking your sunglasses off indoors? Who are you trying to impress?"

"You," Qi Zhu answered, deadpan. His expression was unchanging. "Let's go."

Jiang Ying put his cell phone away and grabbed his own cap and sunglasses from a drawer. He put them on, checked himself out in the mirror like a posturing peacock, then followed Qi Zhu downstairs. "Qi-gege, are you bored or something? You obviously won't go to the meet-and-greet, but you're still trying to get in on the commotion?"

"Clearing my name," Qi Zhu explained as he pressed the button of the elevator for Jiang Ying. "I may have had ulterior motives, but I'm not your anti-fan. I like you so much. How could I be your anti?"

"Bah, no one disses me more fiercely than you." Jiang Ying stepped into the elevator and instantly grew too lazy to stand on his own two feet. He tilted sideways and leaned against Qi Zhu right away. "Wanna exonerate yourself?"

"I don't need to be exonerated," Qi Zhu said. They were the only two people in the elevator. Qi Zhu reached out to hold Jiang Ying, gently massaging the nape of his neck. "You said it yourself. Qi-gege is allowed to diss you."

Jiang Ying fell silent.

This person's memory was way too good.

"Angry again? You liked all those posts about my scandals in the past. I haven't settled that score with you yet."

Their matching desires to win never wavered. Their relationship was like a fierce tug-of-war, but both parties were happy just like that.

"If I get angry today, we'll call it my loss," Jiang Ying said, switching tactics to claim an advantage. "Let's just call this me spoiling you, Qi-gege. I won't argue with you for now."

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