Chapter 75

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@A Certain Big Entertainment Industry Account: The drama 'An Auspicious Snow' has aired. Everyone has seen Jiang Ying's acting skills now. They're not nearly as bad as the man himself made them out to be. Fans have started watching his older works, and they're all rallying for him to pick up a new project. But this person… seems to be on vacation?

Comment 1: He really wants to slack off and tread water in life. CryingIntoHands.jpg @JiangYingKANI Stop wasting away your days. Come out and take your next job.

Comment 2: Give us some new content! Why have I become a fan of such a lazy person? Actor Jiang Ying! Get pumped up! Go to work!

Comment 3: He seems to have given himself the labels of controversial, internet-famous, idol… he never considered himself an actor. He's transitioning his career at a snail's pace. Day in and day out, he just votes for himself in the popularity polls. And I feel like Qi-laoshi hasn't been helping him fight back against his haters anymore. Jiang Ying himself is the biggest hater of them all! He can scold his antis into submission all by himself.

Comment 4: He doesn't really need to work hard. I've always felt like he entered the entertainment industry just for fun. Qi-laoshi is perfectly capable of supporting him, and think about his family background too. They could definitely support this idle idiot for the rest of his life.

Comment 5: He's too real! He disses himself more fiercely than anyone else disses him, but he really did a good job on 'An Auspicious Snow'. I'm eagerly awaiting his next work. Last thing I wanna say… get out here and go to work!

There was no new work on the horizon. Jiang Ying couldn't find a suitable script and used that as an excuse to extend his long vacation. Qi Zhu had already gone out to film his next production, so Jiang Ying just made himself at home at Qi Zhu's place. He was the little king of that castle, and once in a while he drove Qi Zhu's car out to the set of Qi Zhu's new work to mooch some food.

[Little Lemon]: [vid clip] Someone made an edit of you, have a look.

[Little Lemon]: Why didn't I ever learn how to edit?

[Anxious Crab]: Why didn't I just become an entertainment reporter?

[Little Lemon]: Ehhh, you still have that hobby, sir?

[Anxious Crab]: It's one of my very few hobbies.

[Little Lemon]: Spits.jpg Let me just echo what literally all netizens are asking. Are you really still lazing around at home?

[Little Lemon]: Gotta say it one more time. What kind of thing have I made into my idol?

[Anxious Crab]: Yeah, not working feels pretty good.

[Little Lemon]: Alright. 'Fight!' released a bunch of new prompts for subject fights. They look pretty interesting. Wanna go?

[Anxious Crab]: Nice, I'll take you up on that later. I have to go move some stuff right now.

Qi Zhu had the day off. The two of them had agreed to head back to Jiang Ying's old place to see if he had any clothes he needed to move over.

"I looked through the scripts that have been piling up for you," Qi Zhu said. "I chose a suitable one that would work with your schedule and talked to your manager to set everything up."

"Back to work, huh?" Jiang Ying set down his cell phone and let out a long sigh. "My acting sucks so much. They're all just waiting for me to turn myself into a joke."

"To me, it looks like you actually enjoy acting."

"Depends on who I'm acting with," Jiang Ying said. He did have to admit that, while filming with Qi Zhu, he'd started thinking acting was more interesting than he'd originally thought. "Speaking of which, Qi-laoshi, you're practically my manager now."

"Mm." Qi Zhu didn't bother denying it. "Your brother and your manager are both pretty happy with that. And you seem pretty happy too."

"I already belong to you, so you may as well handle my schedule," Jiang Ying said. If a wildly popular actor was willing to manage his schedule for him, Jiang Ying obviously wouldn't complain. He'd been on vacation for quite a long time already, and he'd chatted with pretty much everyone on the set of Qi Zhu's new production. It was probably about time, he figured, for him to get back to his own work.

"You'll let me handle everything?" Qi Zhu echoed.

"Trying to broaden the subject?" Jiang Ying accused. He saw through Qi Zhu's ploy in an instant. "Who taught you to fight? You think I don't know all your tricks?"


Jiang Ying had been lazing around Qi Zhu's place for several days already. When he finally stepped back into his own room, he suddenly felt a touch of despair.

"Your bed…" Qi Zhu froze in place the instant he opened the door to Jiang Ying's room. "Do you even have a place to sleep?"

Jiang Ying was silent.

Why hadn't he ever realized that his place was so messy? It must only seem messy now because Qi Zhu's place was way too tidy.

Penguin plushies, crab plushies, duck plushies… Jiang Ying's bed was like a zoo. Several of the stuffed animals had even fallen over onto the floor.

Qi Zhu suddenly understood where Jiang Ying's sweet and docile sleeping posture, which was completely contradictory to his trollish fighting spirit, had come from—

He'd learned to sleep so well from a lifetime of hugging pillows and plushies in the night.

"I actually don't like hugging these things." Jiang Ying bent down and picked up two fish-shaped hugging pillows. He tossed them onto the bed and added, "You've just misunderstood me. Ever since elementary school, until now, you've always given me this sort of thing."

"Oh," Qi Zhu said.

Jiang Ying blinked.

Qi Zhu organized the plushies on the bed, arranging them from small to large. "It's probably because, ever since elementary school, until now, you've never changed."

"Cut it out, I know that's an oblique diss." Jiang Ying grabbed a fish plush at random and flung it across the bed. "You're saying I'm emotionally underdeveloped?"

Qi Zhu caught the plush and continued organizing the stuffed animals on the bed. He answered, calmly, "Those are your own words, kiddo."

Jiang Ying fell silent.


"You liked fighting when you were little, and you still like fighting now." Qi Zhu glanced around the room, and his gaze lingered on Jiang Ying's bookshelf. Four little stick figure models, in aggressive poses, were displayed there.

"I won't deny that," Jiang Ying said. He opened his closet and started stuffing the clothes he often wore into a suitcase. "My brother always said I would diss anyone who dissed me, and I would shut down anyone who tried to attack me. It's important for people to live freely, being true to themselves."

Besides his clothes and plushies, there were the four stick figure models. Jiang Ying didn't have many other things that he needed to take with him. The two of them chatted while they finished packing up Jiang Ying's things.

At noon, Jiang Ying graciously made them each a bowl of instant noodles, served with a half-burnt fried egg that he'd personally cooked up with his own two hands.

"We're all celebrities here, so let me just be blunt. Isn't it a bit… inauspicious for us to eat this?" Jiang Ying asked. He propped his chin up on one hand as he poked at the burned egg with his chopsticks, hesitating for a moment. He mumbled under his breath, "Burnt egg, burnt pan, burnout…"

Qi Zhu was silent.

"What goes on in your head every day?" Qi Zhu reached out and gave a certain someone's head a light whack. Whether or not they would burn out wasn't something he could predict, but he was pretty sure this sort of food wasn't super edible.

Qi Zhu turned down that certain someone's good-intentioned attempt at cooking, then went into the kitchen to make them something else to eat.


That day, Jiang Ying hauled his own luggage across town and officially became a resident of Qi Zhu's place. He opened the closet and hung up all his clothes, shoving them into any spaces he could find between Qi Zhu's things.

The stick figure models went up on the bookshelf. The wind chime they'd taken from Qi Zhu's old room was hung up in the window. All those huggable plushies were arranged by Qi Zhu once more; he organized them neatly on top of the dresser.

"You're doomed," Jiang Ying declared after putting everything away. He stood by the door, surveying the new decorations adorning Qi Zhu's room. "Your home's interior design has gotten very, very weird. Your aesthetics have taken a serious blow."

The cool, minimalist aesthetic of Qi Zhu's home had been distorted by the addition of Jiang Ying's colorful trinkets and sundries. Their tastes and styles were now inexorably interwoven.

"That's not a bad thing," Qi Zhu said from his seat at the desk in his room, where he was already reading a script. He lifted his head when he heard Jiang Ying's words, gazing towards the person who stood in the doorway.

Sunlight spilled in through the window, illuminating the smile in his eyes.

"This is your home too."

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