Chapter 76

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The 'Fight!' app came out with some new features. A new batch of prompts were added to the subject fights categories. At the same time, a 'Group Fight' function was implemented. Fights could now go down between groups of up to ten people, making for much larger-scale battles.

On the forums—

Have you guys seen the new 'Fight!' feature? Come on, let's group fight!

See subject.

1: Let's not talk about this right now. I just came out of a 10v10, I'm still dizzy.

2: Bro, what did you fight about? Was it really that fierce? I just saw this new game format, haven't worked up the guts to try it out yet. The new features on 'Fight!' are always dangerous.

3: I'm pissed! I don't know which mfer I ran into in the Olympiad math district, but throwing two solutions for the same problem at me is too much. My head is about to blow up. You can choose to believe me or not. Ugh, why am I being forced to learn math on this fighting app?!

4 (Little Lemon): Hahahahaha, why were you in the Olympiad math district? Anyway, this new feature looks pretty interesting. I'll go have a look.

5: I just got out from a group fight too. It was utter chaos, just a 5v5. I'm thoroughly wiped out.

6: Ahhh, that was so satisfying! I just knew I would be good at stirring shit up in the middle of a chaotic battle.

7: Lemon-jiejie, want to team up with me for a 2v2?

8 (Little Lemon): Sure, omw! My ship hasn't been giving me as much candy lately. I'll have to feed myself with a fight.

9: I'm too old for these group fights. You guys are way too scary. You'll say literally anything.

Jiang Ying was a veteran player. When the new feature launched, he naturally had to try it out.

After dinner, Qi Zhu sat on the couch and reviewed a script. Jiang Ying sprawled out next to him, holding his own phone and Qi Zhu's phone. He launched 'Fight!' on both of them, then grabbed a tangerine from the coffee table and shoved it into Qi Zhu's hands.

[System Notification]: 'Anxious Crab' and 'Fighter3357868' have formed a team.

[System Notification]: You have been matched against the team of 'sunny' and 'Little Lemon'.

[System Notification]: We would now like to invite both teams to exchange pre-match 'greetings'. Group fights will not be open to spectators, and players are prohibited from taking screenshots or screen recordings of the match. Please enjoy your fight.

[sunny]: ???


[Anxious Crab]: ? Why'd you guys team up? Aren't you guys, like, never on the same page? Your fights are legendary, #1 on the app.

[Fighter3357868]: ??? SlightSmile.jpg

[sunny]: We have no choice, there aren't many people on our level. Don't try to break down our team bonds already, you degenerate.

[Little Lemon]: Right, exactly. Cut it out. Don't try to ruin our new sisterhood.

[sunny]: The sisterhood between two shippers will last forever. Cheers.jpg

"Tsk, this is some sort of Schrödinger's friendship," Jiang Ying muttered, pointing to his cell phone. "Qi Zhu, you don't have to do anything once we get started. Just read your script. You're just here to fill up my team. I can handle this by myself."

He could fight the whole entertainment industry by himself. This sort of battle was going to be a piece of cake.

"Mm." Qi Zhu nodded, set down his cell phone, and finished peeling the tangerine. He fed it to Jiang Ying one section at a time while watching him fight.

Jiang Ying opened his mouth each time he got a bite of the tangerine, scraping his teeth over Qi Zhu's fingertips along the way.

[System Notification]: 'Little Lemon' has chosen to initiate an entertainment industry subject fight, with a subject chosen from the newest pool of prompts.

[System Notification]: Randomly selecting your prompt now. Please wait.

[System Notification]: Your prompt is: Is ZhuiFengZhuYing real?

[System Notification]: 'Anxious Crab' and 'Fighter3357868' will argue for the stance 'yes'. Meanwhile, 'sunny' and 'Little Lemon' will argue for the opposing stance 'no'. Please begin once the countdown timer elapses.

Needless to say, just one question was enough to make Little Lemon abandon her stance.

[Little Lemon]: ???

[Little Lemon]: @System Notification Are you high? Is this kind of question worth fighting over? Were you kicked in the head by a donkey, sir? Did your last system upgrade turn you into an idiot?

[Little Lemon]: @System Notification GTFO, seriously. Hurry up. Fuck off.

[Anxious Crab]: Beautiful!

Jiang Ying turned around, nearly rolling right off the couch. Qi Zhu managed to reach out in time to catch him, and Jiang Ying comfortably pillowed his head on Qi Zhu's legs.

"What's the fight? You're so worked up." Qi Zhu's hand traced a path over Jiang Ying's collar. It was hard to say whether he was more interested in Jiang Ying or Jiang Ying's fight.

[sunny]: ???

[sunny]: Silly Lemon. I team up with you, and this is the best you can do?

[sunny]: Don't you want to win?

[System Notification]: 'Little Lemon' has viciously attacked the system. 'Little Lemon' will be muted for the rest of this match. We hope the other players will take this as a warning.

[Little Lemon]: Fuck?

[System Notification]: User 'Little Lemon' has been muted.

The sisterhood between these two fighters lasted a grand total of… not even five minutes.

[sunny]: Ahem. Alright, come on. Let's fight.

[Anxious Crab]: It's real. The 'no' side has lost from the start.

[Anxious Crab]: Ai, setting the prompt aside for now, I'm starting to suspect this naive little system is spying on me. Why do I always get assigned to fights about me?

[System Notification]: User 'Anxious Crab' has gone off topic. -1 point.

[sunny]: It's just because you and Little Lemon spend too much time in the entertainment district. I can tell just by looking at your activity logs and number of hours played. The system can't give you the same question all the time, so of course it's going to give you new questions when it gets them.

[System Notification]: User 'sunny' has gone off topic. -1 point.

[Anxious Crab]: Our scores have gone negative. Hurry up, let's fight.

[sunny]: Alright. Battle sister sunny is ready to go.

[Anxious Crab]: I'm guessing Little Lemon really wants to talk right now.

[sunny]: Me too.

[Anxious Crab]: Fight.

[sunny]: Fight.

Qi Zhu lowered his head and gazed steadily at the battle unfolding on the screen of Jiang Ying's phone.

[sunny]: Oh? So it's real? What makes you say that? You think you can say it's real just because you shot a drama and some variety shows together?

[sunny]: Or because you sneakily held hands when you walked the red carpet together?

[sunny]: Or because you leapt into each other's arms on the beach in front of the whole world?

[System Notification]: +2 points to user 'sunny'.

[sunny]: Because you followed each other on Weibo after so many years?

[sunny]: Because you snuck vegetables into each other's bowls over dinner, like little elementary school kids?

[sunny]: Because you two showed off the same wind chime?

[System Notification]: +8 points to user 'sunny'.

[Anxious Crab]: Because he's right next to me, right now.

[System Notification]: +10 points to user 'Anxious Crab'.

[sunny]: ……

[System Notification]: User 'sunny' has become unresponsive. +5 points to user 'Anxious Crab'.

[Fighter3357868]: Mm. Because we're getting our marriage license tomorrow.

[System Notification]: User 'Fighter3357868' has landed a critical hit. +50 points to user 'Fighter3357868'. User 'Little Lemon' has gone offline. User 'sunny' forfeits.

[System Notification]: Users 'Anxious Crab' and 'Fighter3357868' are the winners of this battle. Give yourselves a big reward!

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