Chapter 79: A Certain Someone's Diary

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[February 28th, Sunny]

There's no February 29th this year, ugh.

Qi Zhu gave me another plushie. Does he have some sort of special feeling towards plushies?

Jiang Xun took me to play video games, woo.

Qi Zhu says my birthday is as special as I am.

There are 365 days in a year, and he only ever talks like a civilized person on this day.


[March 31st, WAY TOO SUNNY, can we get some rain]

Tomorrow is April Fool's Day. I've prepared a very big, very nice surprise for Qi Zhu.

Hehe, he'll definitely fall for this one. Payback for all the times he gets aggro with me for no reason.


[April 1st, Sunny, got a tan]


[April 5th, Rain, finally on vacation why is it raining]

Why do I have to go burn paper offerings with them?

Leave me at the graves. It's not like I'm gonna start fighting with people there.

I feel like Jiang Xun's been busier lately. I'll go play with Qi Jun.


[April 6th, Rain]

Tagged along with Qi Zhu to pay our respects to his ancestors. New life experience. Greeted Qi Zhu's grandmother.

Qi Zhu's grandmother passed away many years ago. His paternal grandparents, on his dad's side, are both living abroad. They're pretty old. They keep saying they want Qi Zhu to go study over there.


[April 15th, Rain]

It just has to rain during the sports festival, huh.


[April 16th, Rain]

It just has to rain for two days in a row during the sports festival, huh.


[April 16th, Sunny]

LONG JUMP. ME. ME! ME!! FIRST PLACE!!! Jiang Ying is awesome!

Qi Zhu did long-distance running. I'm the only one in our class who brought a banner to support him. Then I fell asleep in the bleachers.

Not my fault. It's too easy to get sleepy in this sort of weather.


[April 17th, Sunny]

Had a fight with some people from Class 7. Got dragged away by Qi Zhu.


[April 20th, Sunny]

Today, in math class, Qi Jun couldn't get past a level in his dress-up video game. He asked me for help.

So me and Qi Zhu got into a fight about coordinating outfits. He was the one who said my aesthetics were problematic first.

Then the teacher made us fight out in the hallway.


[April 22nd, Rain]

My account on the school forums has been banned. Which one of those bastards did this?

I borrowed Qi Zhu's account.



[April 23rd, Sunny but Cloudy]

Qi Zhu won't let me use his account anymore.

From now on, one less legend will grace the school forums. Class Monitor should feel like it's a pity.

But what is he doing? He's scrolling through the school forums right in front of me. Says he wants to make me insanely jealous.


[April 26th, Sunny]

Big test results are out. I get the feeling Qi Jun is going to be whooped by his dad.

Qi Zhu's scores are seriously good. The teacher is sad to see him go study abroad, but that path has been set for him since a long time ago. Hard to interfere. He was supposed to go abroad as soon as he started high school, after all.

My scores are okay, I guess. My humanities scores are fine. People need to be happy with what they have. Stop while you're ahead and all. I don't need to work too hard.


[May 2nd, Very Cloudy, like seriously SO MANY CLOUDS]

Vacation is awesome!

I'll worry about my homework on the last day of break. I'll finish it one way or another.

Going to see a movie with some old friends tomorrow, hahaha. Qi-gege doesn't like horror movies, I'm gonna go invite him later.


[May 3rd, Thunderstorm, summer isn't even here yet wtf are you thundering for]


I slipped away, hahahaha. They can watch the rest by themselves.


[May 4th, Sunny]

Qi Zhu called to denounce me for deserting my troops in battle yesterday. We stayed on the phone and dissed each other for five hours.

I think our family's phone bill is going to be a bit high this month.

I'll bring a stool next door and continue our fight in person.


[June 9th, Sunny]


[June 15th, Super Cloudy]

I want to fight with Qi Zhu.


[June 20th, Super Cloudy]

Gonna fight with Qi Zhu.


[June 30th, Sunny]

Summer break is coming up. Seems like Qi Zhu is getting ready to go abroad.

Noice. I'm free now. Ogre Jiang of Class 2, Year 1 is now free and peerless.


[July 3rd, Dark Clouds]

How lonely is it, being peerless?


[July 4th, Dark Clouds]

How lonely…


[July 5th, Dark Clouds]

I'm still fighting with Qi Zhu over QQ, but it doesn't feel right.

He's there. Our streak is there.


[July 6th, Dark Clouds]


[July 10th, Dark Clouds]

Jiang Xun asked me if I was broken up with. Tch, as if. I just lost my rival, that's all. Playing too many video games has turned Jiang Xun stupid.


[August 1st, Dark Clouds]

? Mom just asked if I wanted to study abroad. Nope.

Would I really cross the sea and travel halfway around the world to fight with Qi Zhu?

It's not like I'm dating him. Why should I travel so far like I'm pursuing my wife?


No, no. It wouldn't be appropriate. I'll stay on my performing arts track.


[August 25th, Dark Clouds]

Thinking about my Class Monitor, all the way in Country A. I'll take some pictures of delicious local food to make him drool.


[September 1st, Very Cloudy]

What should I do? My new deskmate can't handle my volatile disposition. Ugh. I'll have to wait for the right opponent.


[September 3rd, Very Cloudy]

I found a pretty interesting app. Although it's still in beta and won't be officially launched anytime soon, I'm already having a lot of fun with it.


Jiang Ying blinked.

He leapt forward and snatched his diary back. "What are you doing?"

"It fell open all by itself. I just happened to pass by," Qi Zhu alleged innocently. He reached out and took the freshly-showered Jiang Ying into his arms. The sweet fragrance of shower gel wafted directly into his face.

"You can't look, you can't look," Jiang Ying said. Old diaries were filled with dark histories.

"Your diaries aren't 'dark history'," Qi Zhu said, as though he could read Jiang Ying's mind.

"Well, of course not." Jiang Ying sorted his diaries into chronological order and shoved them back onto the bookshelf. That was a habit he'd learned from Qi Zhu. "Mine are priceless treasures."

Treasures which hid the secrets of his narcissism and thick-headedness.

Qi Zhu didn't say anything else. He focused on unknotting the belt of Jiang Ying's bathrobe and nudging him towards the bed.

"Again?" Jiang Ying had just finished showering. He'd planned on opening up his app and having a nice little pre-sleep fight. He hadn't counted on Qi Zhu having other ideas.

"I haven't seen you in half a month," Qi Zhu said. He wrapped the belt of the bathrobe around Jiang Ying's wrists and tied a lovely knot before pressing Jiang Ying's wrists to the side. "If I'd known it would be that long, I wouldn't have sent you out to film a drama. I should have just kept you at home."

It wasn't that Jiang Ying couldn't let Qi Zhu read his old diaries. It was just… every time Qi Zhu read them, he would get some 'ideas' afterwards.

"What kind of hobby is this…" Jiang Ying couldn't struggle free. When Qi Zhu got too many 'ideas', his movements weren't entirely gentle. He pinched Jiang Ying's cheeks, willing him to part his lips, and lowered his head to kiss him.

Jiang Ying was speechless.

"You don't have any work scheduled for tomorrow," Qi Zhu said.

Which meant there was no need to worry about leaving marks. Qi Zhu had clearly planned this out well in advance.

"Qi-gege." Jiang Ying dizzily tried to twist his wrists free from the belt, but to no avail. Qi Zhu furrowed his brow and pressed Jiang Ying's wrists to the bed, above his head. Jiang Ying gave up on struggling and continued, "I was just thinking… if we really had started dating early back then, what would we be like now?"

In truth, the chances of them starting to date back then were low. They'd grown up fighting with each other, ever since they were little. They were practically joined at the hip, and their fights were constant. A small one every three days, a big one every five days. Almost like clockwork. If they hadn't been separated for a time, the two of them would have continued their habitual routine, kicking up a chaotic fight every few days. Dating never would have occurred to either of them.

It was only when the fear of losing each other arose that they woke from their dreamlike state and discovered their hearts had already been filled up with scattered thoughts of the other. They could no longer let the other go. Considering their proud and arrogant dispositions, and their aggressive tendencies, they could only be a match for each other. They couldn't have gotten along with anyone else, so one after the other—they realized how they truly felt.

Jiang Ying knew all that very well. He had simply been struck by a fleeting realization that maybe dating early would have been pretty interesting too.

"If we dated early?" Qi Zhu seemed to give that possibility some serious thought. "Then I would have watched over you as you took your performing arts exam, and I would have watched over you as you filmed your dramas. And then, when you grew up, I would have taken you to bed. Same as now."

Jiang Ying said nothing.

Some regrets may have been born from the inexperience of youth, but to the two of them, everything had unfolded in the most perfect of ways.

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